Sunday, November 19, 2017

July Happenings

 Taylor, Ashley Cassidy and I went to the dog beach in Huntington. Ashley has been asking me to go there for a long time (years) and I thought I would finally take her. It was in Huntington and a little far to get to. The beach is kind of at the end of Huntington in a certain area and the only things there are a life guard and a bathroom with a toilet only, no sink. There weren't any snacks or even a water fountain so I had to keep giving Maddie our water. 

I found out she loved playing in the ocean but she bites the water...well then she throws it all back up (so there went all our good water I let her drink too). There were tons of dogs at the beach and it was fun seeing them play in the waves.

 I accidentally squeaked a toy that was in the snack bag and a bunch of dogs came running, ha ha. Ashley found out it was impossible to keep our blanket and towel free from sand because Maddie would come and lay right on her towel and if she didn't get sand on it the other dogs that would come over to visit would. 

Luckily on the way home I put down the seats and put a waterproof blanket in the back because sure enough she threw up a bunch of water again on the way home, ha ha. 

Ashley went with Steve and Tahna and their family on their family vacation this week. They drove up to Utah for a few days to stay with friends in their cabin. Ashley was loving riding the quads and she says she's ready for driving now. You have to be 16 to ride them alone so she had to have someone on the back of it with her. 

They drove up to see Josh and Darby graduate from BYU Idaho but had a lot of fun as well.


Enjoying some good food with Jolene.

Visiting Jackson...

Riding the go carts.

Meanwhile while Ashley was gone we celebrated Jeff's birthday.

He turned 47!

I went to the beach for a girlfriend beach day...

and let Sadie do henna tattoos on us. (I did the Hawaiian flower)

This summer Taylor has been working hard cleaning pools for Shawn Pederson. He works 3 days a week right now but with the drive he ends up being gone 12 to 13 hours each of those days. It's hot and tiring but he's happy to be saving up for the next school year.  He hasn't been with us on any of our trips so he's hanging out here with Maddie and taking care of the house while we are gone. 

He did start dating a girl from UCR this summer. She's roommates with his friends girlfriend. 

Would you believe her name is Taylor.

At the end of the month Steve and Tahna planned a barbecue at our house so we could all see Josh and Darby and the new baby. This is Darby and Carter and he's 4 months old and as cute as can be. 

He's not too sure about Taylor

There was a bunch of people over and it turned out good and last minute Joel and Virginia even ended up coming over. 

Hanging in the hot tub.



Taylor brought his girlfriend Taylor over so we could meet her (she's wearing Ashley's bathing suit) 

We also played a fun game on Jackbox TV where we used our phones as controllers to answer questions.

Oh and we bought Ashley a used car so she can start learning how to drive on the car she will be using. 

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