Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4 day weekend

The weekend the schools celebrated Martin Luther King day the kids ended up having a 4 day weekend. Besides hanging out, sleeping and not doing too much we got together with family for a last minute barbecue with Dale, Steve and family. They played cards and hung out. 

Liesl hung out with the chinchillas with Taylor, (we ended up selling our babies that weekend)....

and the other kids had fun on the trampoline. This thing has been the biggest hit when friends are over. 

Go Jolene!!!

Go Elsa!!

While inside I got out Ashley's new cotton candy maker and we experimented with new flavors. Since it takes crushed up candy Liesl got really good crushing up different types of candy...

then making cotton candy out of them! We would pass it around the table of game players so they could try all the flavors. 

Yum. Mint, butterscotch, cherry, strawberry creme, but the favorites were green apple and watermelon. 

This last weekend we didn't have anything exciting going on. It was cold and rainy for the last few days so we were all were inside most of the time. In fact I subbed a busy 1st grade class for two days in the rain. 3 recesses inside trying to entertain them and then transition them back into working was a challenge. I forgot how tiring 1st grade is! I commend the teachers with the patience of a saint to have them every day. 

I have to say today when I was back at the school and all the 1st graders I saw wanted hugs it melted my heart :)

So anyway on Saturday Jeff and I were just doing errands, he was preparing for his talk the next day and I was working on flyers for our Stake event Ashley asked to have a friend over. 

Maia was available and they had a great time dancing on the trampoline. Ashley wanted to listen to music and we thought it is rude to have headphones on with a friend over so we plugged it into a big speaker and they rocked out together (along with 1/2 the neighborhood I'm sure)

When they were in Ashley's room all quiet I found them drawing on their face with wet colored pencils (It's less messy than makeup.) Maia had some crazy face decorating going on...

but so did Ashley!

Yesterday we got letters from our nephew Elder Beaulieu out in Orlando. He finally saw his first real alligator this one is one that was inside someone's home they were visiting! 

We'll be out there next month but we won't be able to see him so this picture will have to do. He's doing great and loving it there!

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Sarah Osborne said...

That cotton candy machine sounds awesome! I never knew the wet colored pencil trick. Lydia is obsessed with makeup. Maybe I should try this :)