Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crafting, climbing and all wet

This week has been one of volunteering at the school...I haven't gotten any sub calls yet 
 so I've found other things to keep busy. (I guess all the teachers that got pink slips have to be placed before anyone can request subs)

Sooo I've enjoyed working at the book fair this last week...the last day of the book fair I was in there by myself so I started reading some of the books. This was a good one but try as I might I couldn't get it to turn right side up when I uploaded it!

I am also now heading red ribbon week...so I went to the first PTA meeting and have started ordering red ribbon goodies for next month. 

Ordering things for 1200 students for 5 days adds up! It all goes on my credit card and I'll get a check later.

I've also been trying to exercise more and I was looking forward to taking a morning walk on one of the first cooler mornings of the season....Maddie looked at me soulfully and I decided to taker her to Sycamore canyon for a hike instead. 

As soon as we get to the end the first thing she does is jump in the water and start swimming around. If we had a pool she would be in it all the time!

The part I don't like is when she gets out and comes near me and shakes herself dry. I end up a wet mess! Blah!

Most of the time she's pretty dry by the time she gets to the car...but she tends to pick up dirt on the way back to the car in her wet fur. 

I picked up Ashley after school that day and she said "Why is this seat all covered in dirt?"

I also try to stay on top of all the things the kids have going on too. Taylor has loved his rock climbing. We've found that it's motivation to get his school work done so I'm all for it. I took him twice last week. 

I also bring Jacob to piano, Ashley to Activity day and drive the kids around to doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments...so I've started being able to read more again. I've finished a couple of good books lately!

On Friday we brought Taylor's friend Pricilla to the Rock Climbing gym as well. 

She is a little afraid of heights but she did great. They had a good time! 
(Even though the place doesn't have air conditioning and it gets hot)

Saturday was our ward craft day or "Super Saturday" I was lame and never signed up for anything. I now understand the ladies that work in other organizations across the building not really being aware of what goes on in Relief Society. No excuses really. Not wanting to miss out completely I brought over projects I had around the house that I've been meaning to do and haven't gotten to. 

I did some 100 mile club clipboards like Sharla used to make, 
(I'm still trying to figure out how not to have it bubble up)

and some Christmas vinyl letter blocks that I've had ready to put together for about a year now. 

I did look longingly at everyone else's cute projects though, I'll have to remember to sign up next time ;)

I did get to learn how to make homemade caramel apples...can't wait to try it out!

On Saturday we had a milestone in our family....

Ashley finally learned to swim!

We were swimming at the Bagley's pool...this was the same pool where Jacob learned to swim! 

She has been shy to take off her lifejacket because she's had tubes in her ears for so long she was afraid to get water in her ears. She hated every kind of ear plug we tried but when she saw her cousin with his ear plugs on our vacation she agreed to try wax. It seemed to work and once she started swimming with her head under water she did it no problem!  She was so excited and it's all she's been talking about. 

Mary Ann was nice enough to invite me to bring her over to practice before we go to the New York Life convention so she can get stronger. So we went yesterday too and she learned to be able to get her head up to take a breath. 

This morning she woke up with an ear infection :(

We had to cancel her piano lesson and now I'm off to take her to the doctors office. 

The upside is I can start a new book ;)


Sarah Osborne said...

Fun crafts! I love letter blocks. Congratulations on getting to read another book ;) But, poor Ashley. I STILL get ear infections even though it's more typically considered a childhood ailment. SO fun she learned to swim though!

Sarah said...

That's great Ashley learned to swim and glad you get to read another book too! I love your example of always looking for the good in a situation (like ear infections).