Monday, March 12, 2012

Amazing week (it's Amazing Race time)

So it's that time of year again...another season of the Amazing Race!

For the last few seasons we've gotten together and picked teams to root for. The season before last season nobody ended up winning so this time we waited until there were enough teams left for each couple to pick two.

Here's our picks

The Williamsons

We met at Quadobas to give Bagley's their winning dinner (they won last season).

I think we got off pretty easy...we'll have to make it up to you Bagleys ;)

Elsworths with baby Miles in the background...

And us. Our second pick was last place this week, luckily it was a non-elimination round. Our other team is shown in the previews fighting with each other next time....I'm not holding out too much hope for us this season. 

Last Saturday morning Jacob was off to a merit badge clinic...after much prodding from me to get up and get his scout uniform on (it's hard not being able to sleep in on Saturday) and Ashley and I drove out to her mission for her mission project. 

Ashley's mission was San Juan Capistrano. It was a beautiful, hot day. 

I unwittingly wore the same colors as the docent outfits, a red shirt with black pants. I was asked more than once if I worked there....didn't plan on that one. 

We got the audio tour thingies and went to all the important places at the mission and wrote down information about them. Ashley decided (or rather I decided) that she was going to do a photo book...much better than having to do a diorama I thought. 

We were there about 2 hours, it was hot and we both were hungry at the end. It was a little slow going, we had to go across the mission for a bathroom trip, a detour to pan for gold, we rested on benches and zig-zagged through the compound instead of doing things in order. There was some prodding done by me at the end but all in all she loved it. 

She got to learn about the mission and see the uncomfortable beds they would have to sleep on, the way they tanned leather, made their food and even how the bells tolled after someone died. 

She also got to see places like the Serra chapel which is the oldest building still in use in California. They have mass there every morning still.   After we were done at the mission she was very happy to go over to Jack in the Box and get something to eat. 

So while Jacob was scouting Jeff and Taylor and friends (Cameron, Trevor and David) went to Hangar 18 to do some indoor rock climbing.

It helps when dad can belay you and your friends. 

They all had fun and Taylor even learned how to climb without ropes putting his hands in crevices to keep himself up. 

After we all got home I made a quick necessary trip to the grocery store and then we met the Davis family at the drive in to watch the Lorax and the Mysterious Island.

Taylor was out with friends so we just had Jacob and Ashley...more room in the van for us...then they hung out for the second movie in the Davis's van hopping up and down on the air mattresses...even more room for us :)

Fast forward through the week. I had multiple appointments at the district office to do fingerprinting, paperwork and drug testing so I can be a substitute teacher. Finally after waiting over a year they are accepting applications and the process is started. Ashley said she had a mean sub last week so I can't wait until I can sub her class for her! 

I also helped for a couple of days at Jacob's school book fair...he needed a book for class and kept forgetting to come in so I actually had to go out in the lunch area and grab him so he could buy a book...luckily he didn't seem to embarrassed by that ;)  Also...took the dog to her class, taught jewelry at mutual for all the girls, took kids to doctor's appointments and hung out with Jacob on Friday when he had a day off. 

I had to staple and sort 1100 flyers for book fair and I had a great idea. Jacob needs service hours and so I thought I'd have him help me and staple stuff. I had a lot to do and I was thrilled that I would have help. So he had his desk all set up in front of the TV, I got him all his supplies. As I was walking out the door I only heard the stapler every so often...hmmmm...I checked on him after getting back from Costco and he had stapled 3 classrooms worth of 2 hours....and now he was done. 

So I had to do the other 32 classrooms myself over the rest of the my idea didn't pan out too well. 

After the rest of the kids got home on Friday I took them out to hike in Sycamore Canyon. We had Jacob Rosser with us for the evening so he came too. 

Taylor doesn't like the hiking part as much....he wants to ride his bike. The dog runs to keep up with him and she gets quite a workout. 

I thought it was funny that Jacob and Jacob kept getting in front of us and didn't know which trail to take so they would have to turn around and catch up with us. 

When we met up with Taylor he had hit a sand patch and had taken a spill on his bike. He didn't even say anything about it but his skinned up knee, elbow and hand gave it away. 

He shrugged his shoulders and said "No big deal, it doesn't even hurt" and then started rock climbing. 


After hiking I took the kids to Wendy's for dinner and then that night we took the kids to see the Woman in Black which is a thriller, scary movie.  We saw it in a full theater so lots of people would scream at the jumpy parts. So funny. The kids liked it but Ashley hid her eyes 1/2 the time and Jacob left to go to the bathroom twice. 

My favorite part was Jeff scaring the ladies across the aisle from us as they were trying to leave the theater while it was still dark. He screamed like the lady in the movie and that scared them...then they were tripping out on Jeff being short (it was still dark so they couldn't see him well) and that made them scream had the whole 1/2 of the theater laughing. 

Saturday was kind of a girls vs. boys day out.  Jeff took the boys to the gym Saturday and played racket ball for the first time with them and swam in the pool. 

Meanwhile Ashley and I went to the Wizard of Oz with the Riverside Children's theater. They did a great job with the costumes, and dancing and props...but it was over 3 hours!

Love this picture looking straight into the sun...during intermission...eating snacks and wearing her St. Patrick's day hat she wanted to buy. 

That night Jeff and Ashley went to the stake Daddy Daughter 50's night. 

Ashley is dressed up in the poodle skirt I made her and Jeff is dressed in is t-shirt and Jeans with a "MOM" tattoo drawn on as well as sideburns (Ashley's idea)

They had a lot of fun at the stake center dancing, eating ....

and hula hooping. 

Girls table.....

Guys table...

They had a bubble gum blowing contest....didn't win it but it sure looks cute. (Its not really gum but a balloon)

So glad that they had fun dancing the night away :)

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