Monday, November 22, 2010

Soccer, crepes and the lighter side of life.

Last Saturday we had a rare evening of nothing planned, sure enough it was filled when we got home from soccer and got an invitation a Crepe Party at the Bradford's. 
We were actually supposed to be judges on whose crepes were best but we just ended up enjoying them. They did a great job and it was fun getting to know the Truppe's and the Bradfords better.
I think my family would be happy if I learned how to make crepes :)

This Saturday was a little busier. Taylor was dropped off at the church to help with JJ Lisonbee's Eagle project at 7:30, Jeff went to the Stake Center at 8:30 for Little Philmont and I went grocery shopping. Then before the soccer game I dropped Taylor off at Howies to play video games with all his guy friends who were at the Eagle project and then I drove to the soccer field in pouring rain to meet Jeff and watch Jacob's last game.

Small miracle with the rain. It was cloudy and threatening to rain as soon as we woke up but it didn't start until they were leaving from JJ's Eagle project. JJ prayed the night before that the rain wouldn't start until after they were didn't.

So we had an interesting soccer game in the pouring rain. (They never cancel for rain). Despite jackets and umbrellas we were soaked watching him but it couldn't compare to how soaked Jacob was out running in the field. We came home for hot showers and got ready for Jacob's end of the season soccer party.

The team mom planned it at Fiesta Village. The first event on the agenda was laser tag!

This was Jacob's first time playing and he loved it. At first he was sad when he got his print out for his game and saw he earned 0 points (his gun wasn't working). So they let him play again and he beat Jeff's score (he was happy about that ;) 

Pizza, tokens and trophies completed the party. It was a great way to end the season!

We're so proud of you Jacob!

After the soccer party Jeff and I went to watch Little Shop of Horrors down at RCC. We have season tickets and it's nice that the dates for these plays just pop up and we have somewhere fun to go. The play is pretty morbid for those who've seen it before...not the Broadway happy endings we're used to :) . Pretty much sell your soul to the devil to get what you want which causes everything you want, including yourself to be destroyed....hmmm.

Yesterday we had an early turkey dinner with Angela and Robert and the missionaries.

It's always fun to see them, and it was even more fun to see Angela's cute pregnant belly. Can't wait to see their little baby boy when he comes.

Also this week Jacob had a band concert with his friends. We were told about the night before, but it wasn't as bad as a couple of parents who heard about it that day!

We made turkeys in Ashley's class this week for art. It was funny because you slide a sponge along a string hanging down from inside of the cup and it makes a turkey gobble noise.

The kids loved it....the teacher not so much by the time it was time to leave. He kept asking "Can we stop with the turkeys now???" 

Of course not. You give 25 3rd graders noise makers...they are going to make noise. Ha ha

So some of the lighter side of life....

  • Jacob said on the soccer field he would distract the other players. I asked him how and he said he would say hi to them and get them to look at him and then they wouldn't pay attention to where the ball was.
  • When Taylor was getting his EKG done the nurse told him to take of his shirt and then pulled a curtain around him. Getting worried about what she was going to do he asked what the curtain was for "For Privacy" That got his mind worrying about what kind of privacy she would need (remembering physicals). She said "I promise it won't hurt" He said "That's what the dentist says." It got her to laugh and he was very relieved when the test only involved his chest area :)
  • When Taylor was getting his blood test (which he hates!) the lady was confirming that it was his name on all 5 of the viles. "Is this you..?"  "Yes"...."Is this you...?"  "Yes" as she was showing him the sticker that she just put on his vial of blood.  On the last one she said "Is this you...?" and he said "Yes that's me...but I don't know if that's my blood." It got a laugh out of her.
  • Jacob was going to the information meeting about try-outs for his school play (He wants to try to do plays now) and the guy in charge asked for a show of hands for who wants to try out for Dorothy. Jacob raised his hand. The guy scans the audience and told him that only girls can play Dorothy. He kept talking about not being able to play Dorothy...I asked him if he really was thinking he was going to play her??? He said "No I just did it for laughs" Which he got.
  • Ashley for 3 days was trying to get ice cream from the ice cream man. The first day I wouldn't let her. The second day she tried to wave him down (hoping I would let her get some) he just waved back. So the 3rd day I let her have a dollar and I went out with her she waved her dollar with me standing next to her...he drove by without a look, looking at the park instead. Ha ha, she finally gave up and went and got a Popsicle from the freezer.
  • I couldn't figure out why our backyard was such a swamp. When Ashley mentioned that the sprinklers were on in the middle of the day I check...instead of putting the sprinklers on once every 3 days, I had put them on 3 times every day!
  • During Red Ribbon Week Jacob's soccer coach was giving them a little lesson on drugs. Part way through she said "Mom do you hear what your son said??!!" I hadn't. I guess when she asked them if they take drugs Jacob said "Yeah I take cocaine and marijuana"   WHAT!?  "She then gave him a lecture on how rumors get started"  We then had a talk that night about trying to go too far to be funny and to know what the bounds of appropriate is!
  • So the Christmas flyers are out and Ashley provided me with circled copies of all the things that she curious about of course they are all the newest, latest, greatest and most expesive things including a Barbie that's a video camera and a $50.00 dog that walks. (My favorite was the baby doll she circled but wrote "whit one" next to it because it was a black baby pictured.)

  • I spent all last weekend driving Taylor all over town to get his last merit badges signed off and then getting the card to Lynette to submit his paperwork for his Eagle Board of Review. Guess what I found in the wash the next day.

Taylor started his science experiment last week (complete with a sample of e. coli drop shipped to our door). He is comparing garlic vs. hand sanitizer as a an antibacterial agent.  So now his room (which is where the samples are growing) reeks of garlic....I think it's spreading too!!


  • Last Monday we finally got sucked in to buying a dog. Cute puppies at the park...and me with a little more time on my hands to handle a dog and we couldn't resist. We aren't picking her up until Friday because we're going to be gone a lot this week but Ashley is very much awaiting her arrival...These are all the dog pictures she has drawn (in two days).

  • This year for Halloween we bought candy sticks...which used to be candy cigarettes when Jeff was little. Jeff of course pulled them out and pretended like they were cigarettes like when he was young and Ashley immediately got very upset (my good girl ;). So of course he does it more to get a reaction out of her. So now the boys have joined in..."Ashley do you have a light?"   I keep trying to tell her if she doesn't give a reaction they will stop bothering far she hasn't been able to resist their baiting.

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