Thursday, June 17, 2010

Promotion and the start of summer!

OK I know that summer is in full swing because I'm having a hard time getting things done. Like the blog for instance...I'm a couple of weeks behind and these pictures have been uploaded for almost a week and I haven't been able to type about them yet.

I feel like I'm constantly getting food and snacks and arranging things for the kids to do and cleaning up, constantly cleaning up and it never stays clean. I don't know how many ends of popsicle and granola bar wrappers I've picked up every day...but enough of that I've got to write something so I can post this before I'm asked to do something else. (I think some of my children suddenly have amnesia and have forgotten how to do the most basic things themselves :)

OK so on the last week of school we were able to go to Citrus High school and watch the 8th grade promotion for Taylor (he's towards the end of the row coming in with the shirt and tie).

It was funny that all the girls were dressed up really nice but a lot of the boys were more casual. We saw a lot of jeans and even a couple in shorts. I was glad that Taylor was willing to dress up.

Luckily they read the names a lot faster than they did at the award ceremony.

We were so proud of him! When we asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate he said "I just want to go home."

I think his way of celebrating is to sit home watching TV, playing on the computer and texting all at the same time.

In fact I'm finding out that this is his favorite summer pasttime as well.

Jacob and Ashley were very excited that the next day was their last day of school. Boy this year seemed to go by so fast!

For the 6th grade promotion Jacob played in the band.

He's planning on playing the clarinet again in the fall at Junior High. We told him last night that he could have Taylor's old clarinet. (It's better than his) "Sweet!"

Here he is waiting for his promotion ceremonies.

Jacob was presented with the presidential award for getting good grades.

Way to go Jacob!

And now here's him getting his honor roll certificate for getting good grades.

Here's his promotion certificate and picture.

Now he's all ready for middle school.

Here's the gradutation gifts that they gave all the 6th unexpected suprise.

The next day we started off our summer with a park day that reminded me of earlier times. Sharla is off to a new life in Oregon and before she leaves we thought that we'd all get together and get the kids together to catch up before life takes us separate ways.

We briefly had everyone together like old times, Shawna, Sharla, Penny, Cindy and Me...reminded us of that time we went to women's conference...we were just missing Kristin.

We went to Orange Terrace park, I forgot that they had the water feature. I didn't bring any swim stuff but that didn't stop Ashley despite the fact it was cool and windy there. She jumped in anyway....then I went home to get her suit and towels.

It was a great way to start off the summer and to spend time with friends. I couldn't believe how much older some of the boys looked.

Ashley made friends with Cambry and showed her how to play ball.

Taylor saying goodbye to Everett.

I learned that shamelessly showing off your muscles and bragging about how great you are is a universal 14 year old boy thing...let's just say that Shawna and I could only laugh at our braggadocious boys.

Ashley, as ever playing with the younger kids and helping Clark find the balls!

After the park we ran home showered and changed for Jeff's work party that night.

It was a steak and beans contest. The winners got steak the losers were supposed to only eat chicken and beans.

It was so fun to go this year with the Stubbs and the Gunnell's. For the first time our kids had other kids that they knew there. :)

Tiffany and Daren were a hit with the baby and even made some new friends when a nice couple offered to hold the baby so they could eat dinner.

Taylor hung out in the house most of the time playing the piano.

It was freezing outside but as long as we stayed by the fire we were OK. Crazy Jacob and Ashley couldn't resist and wanted to swim in the pool. So we let them of course...

When we were done and rounding up the kids it was so cute to see Cade and Lance snuggling up to Taylor while watching their movie.

On Saturday I went to Piper's baby shower. We had lots of fun because I thought I was doing games and 2 other people thought they were doing them too. We had a lot of games :)

On Monday I decided to make a wall of fame for Taylor's varous awards that he's been getting. This prompted a whole room cleaning. He was very happy with how it came out.

Taylor's favorite summer pasttime.

Our first pre-summer electric bill. What a shocker...we weren't even running the air yet. I checked and the meter was right so the only thing that I could think of that we were doing different is that I turned up the freezer in the garage a little when the boys left the door open. It was an old freezer so we dumped it and got a new one hoping it will make a difference in our bill. Crazy!

On Tuesday we went to Knotts Berry Farm with Andrea and her kids to use our passes.
The plan was to send the boys out on their own to do the big rides while we stayed with the younger two to go on the littler rides.`

As soon as they got in the park they were ready to go home. "The lines are too long!" They said. Welcome to summer.

So we went on what we could and let Ashley and Madison go on the rides they wanted to go on.

Andrea and I were patient and just doled out the snacks and encouraged the boys to go on rides. "Just pick a line and stand in it...they're all long."

This ride was Ashley's favorite of the day.

She remembered going on this when she was like 3 but couldn't remember the name of it!

The last ride that the younger two wanted to ride was the ferris wheel. This had the longest stinking line.

Andrea and I thought it was funny that Madison was better for me and Ashley in the line. So we tried to help Maddie patiently wait until it was our turn to get on.

The girls loved it once we finally got going. The hard part was waiting almost 20 minutes to be let off again. Madison pointed out that "They missed us!" 3 times. By this time the boys were very ready to go home...

Until we noticed that the stunt show was starting in 10 minutes and we would be able to catch it on our way out to the car. Taylor wasn't too happy...he was ready to go since he saw the first line. But he was outnumbered.

Ashley and Jacob sat in the splash zone and we all enjoyed the show.

One last stop to get a funnel cake.

Taylor showing his displeasure...

We raced home and Ashley started her first cheer class and this picture was from their mutual night where they were playing games at the park. The most fun part was the water balloon toss. Jeff pulled himself so far back he was laying on the ground to launch the water balloons!

Luckily Taylor had perked up by this point and joining in on the fun.

I think he was having a little too much fun with his water fight. I got mad after I discovered that him and his friends were pulling out all my brand new water bottles to dump on each other.

Once I nixed that plan Jacob came out of the house holding his ginormous super de duper soaker water gun. All he said was "Where's Cameron??" Everyone laughed. Unfortunately Cameron had already left so Jacob never got his revenge.

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