Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Getting Ready

I'm getting ready for our trip to Virginia and I wanted to download the last of my pictures and do a post and just my luck I can't find my camera cord anywhere! I know how you feel Shawna!

Last week I even got to go on Ashley's field trip unexpectedly when she woke up not feeling the best (surprise surprise). I was a good mom and cancelled my plans to walk behind her with cough drops, Kleenex and Tylenol just in case. Only one cough drop was used but the Kleenex came in handy when another student got a bloody nose. I'll post the pictures when my camera gets up and rolling.

So my list of things to do before the trip keeps growing. Some of the things I had to take care of were ....

1. Getting Jacob some shorts and pants that fit him. After Jacob coming down the stairs one too many times in something that is toooo tight I figured that it was time to do some shopping. Amid protests about having to try things on too many times we got a few things. Sunday I spent the afternoon hemming them all up. After all that work I was glad that he would have some new things to wear that would fit him.

He wore one of the shorts yesterday. I had cut them where he insisted that they be.

They are tooo short.

Dang it. It's not like I can add material back again.

There's 10 dollars down the drain.

He's wearing a second pair today. It's one of those plaid looking ones and will be a little hard to match. We finally got a shirt that kinda goes and then Jeff was thinking his shoes didn't match. (What 10 year old boy cares about whether his shoes match or not). Ashley, our fashionista, looked at him when he came downstairs and said "Do you like those?"...."I don't like those, I think they look funny."


2. We had to get tennis shoes for Ashley since her only pair had holes that went right through to the socks. (She kept telling me they were beat up but I didn't believe her until I saw the hole.)

Do you know how hard it is to find shoes in a size 10 that aren't princesses, Dora or some other similar kiddy theme that she is sooo done with.

Jeff tried to suggest some sparkly Strawberry shortcake shoes that were identical to the ones she had a couple of years ago.

She wasn't having it.

After 3 stores we settled on shoes with Hannah Montana on them.

3. Taylor needed at least ONE pair of pants that actually fit him.

Suit pants don't count.

Taylor thought he had a old pair from his cousin that he liked but he couldn't find them. So on Saturday we had to wrestle, cajole and insist that Taylor buy a pair of jeans that weren't high waters. He complained that they were itchy, they were stiff, they were claustrophobic and bugged him.

He really needs a 28 waist and a 32 inch length but was there any in that size?


So we settled with a 30 X 32 and he'll have to wear a belt and cinch it up. The disgusted way he looks at them I know that it'll be a fight to get him to wear them.

This morning after asking him for the 10th time to unpack his bags from his campout (over a week ago) he found his cousins old pants that he likes.

So much for the pants we bought him.

So I'm off to shop, pack, clean and get ready for our trip. We were hoping for a tour of "Obama's house" as Ashley puts it while we were there but it's closed for tours due to the high demand. I guess if everyone can't come through no one can or something like that. It's OK we'll be glad to see what we can see and visit with family.

It'll also be nice to pass the Relief Society notebook for a little bit and just focus on my family. Sharla it's coming your way (hee hee).


Matt and Maggie said...

I wouldn't want to know what those camp clothes look and smell like. UGH! Does he know how to do his own laundry yet? :D

Christine said...

Luckily he does and he has on occasion when I'm not washing his PE clothes fast enough for him. Luckily he didn't wear the pants that were in the bag (again he hates to wear pants) so they weren't so stinky:).

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Yeah for vacations!!!! Get a break from church responsibilities.

Did I just write that?!?!?! :)

Have a GREAT time! You deserve it.

Unknown said...

I might have your camera cord! Yikes! I think I had an extra since Jeff returned my camera, maybe.... Tell me what it looks like so I can check. Oops, don't get frustrated with him, just in case I am wrong. Chinchillas are doing well. Clark loves them!

Anne Marie said...

We have issues with Kira and pants. She is SOOOOO picky. I acutally find no pleasure in shopping for her at all any more. Hope your trip is fun! There are some amazing things to see.