Monday, December 1, 2008

Family Home Evening Idea

Are there Monday nights that you're too tired to think about Family Home Evening? You've spent the day cleaning up after Sunday indoor playtime, doing wash, getting kids to start homework, paying bills making dinner and all the other things you do in a day. I have found that nights like these are the perfect opportunity to let my kids have an experience in teaching Family Home Evening. So far I have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

A couple of weeks ago Ashley gave our Family Home Evening lesson. She had drawn a string of pro-social and anti-social things and would ask us which was nice and which wasn't. They pretty much all had to do with being nice to friends but she did a great job. So then Jacob decided he wanted to do the next week's lesson. He didn't work on it until about an hour before Family Home Evening. He asked me for a piece of cardboard and went to hide. When we sat down for Family Home Evening Jacob started the lesson with going around and having everyone tell what they were thankful for. Then he pulled out this...

Jacob had made a game.

We all got to pick our Spongebob character and go from earth to Heaven.

You could move forward extra spaces by being Thankful, going to church or becoming the new prophet. For selfishness you went in reverse for your next turn, and if you were prideful or disrespectful you had to go back spaces. If you murdered you went back to start and if you killed you lost 2 turns:). It seemed like all of us ended up killing someone during the game. My favorite had to be "you went to the temple unworthily, go back to church".

After the game Jacob ended the lesson with bearing his testimony. I was so proud of him, he did a great job.

This is what I found before Family Home Evening.

I walked closer and saw this...

Taylor was completely out! There was no waking him up.

For some reason every Monday night Taylor ends up falling asleep or whining about wanting to go to bed throughout the entire Family Home Evening. He lays on the couch and we spend the entire time trying to get him to sit up or at least turn around and open his eyes half way. Well tonight he took his nap before dinner so when we got him up and going he was actually nice and awake for Family Home Evening!


Costa Rica Baby! said...

Just genius Jacob!!!

I have to admit I was the biggest negative force in my family when it came to FHE. In my defense my dad could lecture for HOURS. :)

Anne Marie said...

Great idea!!! Glad it was fun!

Heather Anderson said...

Good ideas:P