Monday, November 24, 2008

Have a Merry Crosseyed Christmas!

It's Christmas card ordering time. Since this summer I planned to use one of our Hawaii pictures. I thought I had the perfect set to choose from. Our clothes are not dirty, everyone's hair was pretty good and we were all wearing leis. Unfortunately Jacob chose this photo session to be a stinker and mess up all of them by crossing his eyes. There was one good one, but it was blurry soooo should we choose from this one... (click on the picture so you can get an up close view)

or maybe this jewel...

or maybe we could do a cousin reunion Christmas card where Taylor and Jacob were both ruining the picture.

So I thought I might have solved our picture dilemma when we went to Disneyland and had unexpected pictures with Santa. We have the cheapo Southern California passes with all the blackout days. After waiting to finally get a day off of school that coincides with a day we can go with our passes we were excited to go back. I even made the kids clean the house the day before with only a break to go and redeem their gift certificates to In-n-out. (Ashley told Jacob we were going to "Inside and Outside."

The beginning of the day was great and we breezed through rides. While Ashley and I waited for the boys to go on Thunder mountain we went and checked out Santa's village with live reindeer and Santa in his house. When they got off the ride they joined us in line. Jacob started complaining about waiting to get a picture with Santa so we reminded him about all the botched Hawaii pictures that made it necessary to get this one.

Fast forward to the end of the night. We are tired of slogging through the walls of people and more than one of us was feeling a little cranky.

(Come to find out it was the first day of the Christmas stuff and everyone and their dog was there to enjoy it. Lucky us.)

All the sudden I realize that our camera was missing. I dropped off Jeff and the kids at the 2 hour Small World line (thank goodness for disability passes) and tried to run/walk/squeeze my way back to the Astro blaster ride which was the last place I knew for sure I had it. Of course no one saw the camera, the ride operators didn't find it and it wasn't in lost and found. Unfortunately it had all our passes in it as well. Come to find out that there is a non-refundable $20.00 charge for replacing each card. Didn't they get enough money the first time, they want another $100.00! At this point it wasn't feeling like the "happiest place on earth".

With no camera our "back up" Christmas picture was no longer an option. That's OK we went on-line and we all looked horrible in the picture. Our clothes were rumpled, our hair was all messed up (post Splash mountain messed up) and Santa was sitting way back in his chair and didn't even look real.

Maybe I'll look through my brother-in-laws Hawaii pictures otherwise we'll just have to wish everyone a Merry Crosseyed Christmas.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

So sad about your camera!!!! I love the cross eyed Christmas...but you know you can send it to me and I can fix that...right?

It will only take me a second . :)

Christine said...

Thanks Shawna! I found one my brother in law took thats OK. (A couple of us look like we're looking at a different camera but it's fine. By the way we got our camera case mailed to us from Disneyland yesterday, just the case, the camera was gone.

loubige said...

Classic shots! And funny that Shawna said what she said....I was gonna say send it to Shawna and she can definitely photo shop those eyes!!
Glad you found a shot!