Friday, November 14, 2008

A new addition

So we got a new addition to our family.

Another chinchilla.

You're probably thinking I'm crazy. Well it's a compromise for not getting another dog to replace Buddy.

Jeff met her breeder who works at PetCo. She said that she would be available mid November and then we never heard from her after repeated attempts to e-mail her. (I thought we might be getting out of it) All the sudden the lady calls and says "Your chinchilla is ready".

Well what could we do she's so adorable! She's a 3 month white chinchilla (kinda rare). Eventually when she's old enough we're hoping to put her together with Churro and perhaps we will have little chinchilla if you ever want a chinchilla...

With lots of discussion of names Taylor agreed on Chimichunga. We call her Chimi for short. (Taylor wanted an Americanized Spanish word he was familar with and he could pronounce)

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

OH MY she is SO CUTE! And so is the chinchilla.