Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks goodness for crazy hair day!

OK today is Cheri, Jeff's sister's, wedding and Ashley is going to be the flower girl. We were supposed to put curlers in her hair to make it beautiful last night but I got home late from my meeting and she was hopelessly asleep.

So Plan B. Today was crazy hair day at school. Sooo...we put the curlers in and hopefully they'll be cooked enough by the end of the day to have curly hair. I'm sure the weather will help. With only her bangs left to be super crazy we thought we'd go with the unicorn look.

Jacob decided on the simple "I'm just not going to brush my hair today" look.

Now here's Taylor home sick today. I knew he wasn't feeling good when he called me after school for a ride, when he normally loves to walk. He told me about his horrible day of forgotten homework, lunch that made him sick to his stomache, a migraine, body aches, a nose bleed followed by another nosebleed as he had to sit on the blacktop for an hour during the nationwide earthquake drill. (Ashley had to complain about that too)He woke up today feeling just as bad if not worse so he's staying home watching TV and sipping soda from a Hannah Montana cup.


Taylor and Jacob said...

Hannah Montana Is So Awsome!
She's my favorite rock star that has her own T.V. show that we have a cup of. It is so awsome when she sings Nobody's Perfect!

Kristine Van Buskirk said...

I always have a hard time with crazy hair day, because when I fix the girls hair, people always say how "pretty" it looks. I think it looks crazy, but since it's "fixed" no one gets it. I guess I should let them NOT fix their hair and add paint like the others around here. No imagination. Love your daughters hair! I might have to copy that one. :)