Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reader's Digest Version of a day in the life...

OK I already feel that I'm at my maxed out point but for some reason things keep getting thrown at me. It's all coming faster than I can handle and I'm wondering how long I can keep it up.

Yesterday for example I got home after spending 3 hours with my presidency making gift bags for the sisters on Sunday to get a message on the machine saying that an inactive member from the ward died and the Bishop wants us to put on a funeral luncheon for 50 people tomorrow. I have a million things to do on Friday and Jeff's work party at the same time so I'm having to arrange everything today. I ended buying everything at Costco because there was no way we could arrange it in one day and expect all the sisters to cook for a funeral when most of the ward is bringing food the very next day for our ward Christmas party.

I raced home from Costco to get my kids home from school. Immediately we started working on Taylor's huge project that's due tomorrow and found out that Jacob has a book report due in 5 days and he has 290 pages left to read. He's been reading his book for the last month so I thought he would be fine but come to find out after a month of reading he is on page 50!

So I take Ashley to dance with instructions to the boys to keep working and as I'm walking out the door Jeff calls to tell me about an office party that was in an hour that he didn't mention to me before. He wasn't planning on going to it but heard that the hostess bought things for the kids (she ended up having 5$ gift cards for Toys R Us for them) and he felt pressure to have them there.

So I race home from dance to boys that had not done any of the work they were supposed to. Jeff meets us with grocery store cookies for our party offering and we all go to this party an hour late. We are starved because nobody has eaten dinner but all they have are snacky things and cookies. So my kids have cookies for dinner.

While we are at the party Jeff has to meet someone at his office to give him a bid for the build out that has to happen within the next couple of weeks (Just in time for Christmas). We hung out at the party until Jeff could get back to pick us up and then we had to go to Jeff's office to print out color pictures for Taylors project board.

Then we race home to get the kids to bed and fold the laundry from Monday, clean the kitchen floor that looks like a landfill and flop into bed with a longer list of things to do than when we woke up.

And so begins another day...

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

I have almost forgotten days like that.

Too bad you couldnt send a project or two my way.