Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Happenings

A little catch up now that I'm back in town.

So the Thursday before Halloween we went to THE Halloween house. The one that is all over facebook, youtube and all the news shows. 

We got there 40 minutes early and here are the crowds.  
There was hundreds and hundreds of people already there.

Taylor and I agreed that it felt very much like the minutes before the fireworks show when everyone is jammed together waiting for them to start. 

The streets were blocked off and we filled the whole area.

Luckily Jacob and Ashley squeezed ahead to the front and so they got a front row seat. 

When the show was getting ready to start the owner of the house came out and asked everyone in the front to sit down.  There was a small group in front of us that just wouldn't sit down. People were getting a little annoyed and it seemed like they were ignoring everyone. 

Someone trying to be funny asked them to sit down in Spanish.

They sat right down.

We thought it was even funnier and now we all could see the show :)

The guy did a great job putting together  like a 1/2 hour show of lights and music. He runs it once a night and it's become the biggest thing in Riverside. 

The finale was the Party Rock song and he even had kids and dressed up people dancing in the driveway for the finale. We all clapped between songs and couldn't believe what a show he created!

(A few days later LMFAO themselves came out and shot a commercial in front of his house with their song playing behind them.)

Friday night I was getting ready for the hopefully now annual Halloween party at the Elsworths. 

She asked us to bring a plate of getting a little inspiration from pinterest I decided to take what I had at home and make some...

Mad Mint Marshmallow Monster Men!

And...with the leftovers some Monster Eyes.

They actually weren't 1/2 bad to eat too :)

Jeff and I donned our costumes.  Jeff liked being Pit Boss last year (because it doesn't require much dressing up) so he was the Pit Boss again.

I tried to think of a costume that would go with his. 

I decided to be someone from Whale Wars. I found out that not very many people watch Whale Wars (I don't blame them) and so they didn't really know what I was. Oh well I looked enough like a Hippy they just called me that.

You can't see it I had an awesome not very attractive uni-brow...

but I think the drawn on hairy legs were the biggest hit. 

Now our costumes were nothing compared to everyone else's costumes! We died laughing every time a new couple would join the party.

Everyone was creative and made the party fun.

So a sampling of the guests...

Mormon fundamentalists 

Heffner and his bunny... 

Tron lit up and an Indian Princess

Cave couple 
(his unibrow had me beat by a long shot and she said she lost a lot of hair that night trying to get all the snarls out! :)

OJ and Nicole Simpson complete with wounds and bloody knife...

Hillbilly hick boy and his lovely wife. 
The belly is real...Jenny has a tan shirt on and drew the belly button on top of her pregnant belly. 


Cute Squaw and a CRAZY Rhinestone Cowboy

Miss Ladybug

More Cowbell guy and Twilight fan

Cowboy and Panda 
(which was an inside joke from a past newlywed game so it made it even funnier)

We ate snacks...we pretty much all brought dessert, so there was tons! 

( I ended up bringing by little Marshmallow guys to the neighbors which they loved)

And we played minute to win it style games...

and laughed at each other trying to do it.

Thanks Elsworths for a great party!!

Saturday morning dawned bright and early as we headed out to do a family photo shoot with Shawna Banagas. The kids complained about getting up early but I was happy it looks like we'll get some good pictures out of it! :)

So when we got home it was time to prepare for Trunk-or-Treat. A lot of kids could guess what was inside by boxes but some of them couldn't

So in my "feel the gross stuff" boxes.... 

I had thick carrots for Goblin Bones.

Twine for Witches Hair.

Large Olives for Eyeballs.

Whole Dill Pickles for Monster Fingers 
(they were even bumpy...hee hee)

I had oily spaghetti for Worms.

I think the grossest thing I had was a pumpkin with it's guts still in mixed with crushed tomatoes for a skull with brains.

It's funny because most people seemed to be the most freaked out when they touched the "DEAD CROW"

This is what it looked like before.  It's my crow decoration.

I think they couldn't place it and when they put their hand in they felt something hard with feathers and actually was goopy from other people touching it with goopy fingers. 

I can't tell you how many kids thought I really had put a dead crow in the box!

He was so mangled he had to be thrown away at the end 
but it was sure fun for that night. 

The kids seem to like my table but they all had to make use of my wipes after they were done!

I went through most of a container of them that night! 

And so for the kid's costumes....Ashley was a girly robot. 

She had the dress up outfit and the sandals already. We bought the face mask at Michael's and the "hair" at the dollar store. I even painted her silver at her request. 

So her costume cost me $5.00 


Jacob wanted to be a air-soft gun toting Ninja (don't ask)...we got as far as the black outfit (The pants are my workout Capris that he has now decided are really comfortable)

He borrowed this Stay Puff head for the picture but really he had no costume....just as well because he didn't go around and get any candy. 

Better than Taylor who did absolutely do nothing but grab his crutches and call himself cripple...and one time he mentioned that he was a Hollister model.

He also didn't get any candy other than the random piece he would ask for and eat immediately. 

Knowing that her brothers didn't get any candy...makes Ashley super paranoid that whenever she turns her back they are going to eat hers (ha ha).

We also invited Little People of America to the Trunk or Treat again this year so we were happy to see them.

For actual Halloween night Jeff and I were at his New York Life convention so I missed the night and the chance to get pictures. 

I heard that Steve and Family came up to Trick or Treat with Caden and Jenise and Shawn in our neighborhood and had fun. Ashley was very happy to have cousins to go around with. 

Jacob trick or treated with his Stay Puff Marshmallow friend for awhile (at least he put on a mask with his black outfit)

and Taylor trick-or-treated/hung out with his friends for awhile. 

Still worried about looking cool he still didn't wear a costume but he came home with some candy...
that is now officially gone as of yesterday....
so Ashley is still having reasons to be paranoid.

Oh by the way we had our house re-painted on Saturday. The pink is gone!!! Yaaayyyy!!!


Matt and Maggie said...


Sharla said...

Dying on those costumes! and I thought we were creative....pale in comparison, rofl! Could tell who most everyone were, but not sure on a couple. Ashley's costume was awesome!

Jenny said...

You got some great pictures at the party! I look down right hideous!! Although, I guess that was the point! :)

AES said...

Your costumes were great and it was fun to see all the others.

I am glad you are having fun on Pinterest :)

Sarah Osborne said...

Ha ha ha, I laughed out loud at the Mormon Fundamentalist costumes. And I'm loving the drawn on hair on your legs...great idea :)I don't think I could have played your Halloween booth game...ewww. And what a marvelous idea too. That house looks so awesome!