Thursday, October 27, 2011


Confessions....we all have them here are some of mine....

I shop at Kohls too much...Taylor complains that everything we own (clothes wise) is from Kohls, Kohls clearance no less. Thats not true but not entirely untrue as well. 

I can't get help it if we have free money there, I've got to use it! And if we get a $10 off in the paper Jeff will buy a couple extra papers :)

I love Kohls clearance...pretty much everything I want ends up there at some point!

I've eaten too many Caramel Apples!

Jeff was going to make them for a mutual activity so we had to try some out for Family Home Evening...then there were left overs from mutual...then someone gave us some caramel apples...and I seem to be the only one who didn't get tired of them

Oh no!!

I'm trying to avoid my yearly Halloween binge...but this isn't helping 

I did wait until this week to buy the Halloween candy and I've kept it hidden and closed, better than most years, but I fear for my waistline when we get slammed with nice bite sized chocolate bars.

The other activities they did at mutual...teams making one person up as a mummy!

I confess I love having a son thats game for being wrapped up as a mummy and having his picture plastered on facebook. 

(Love his cardboard "sword")

Now if I could just get him to dress up for Halloween!

The painters have been here. 

I confess I just stood by and watched when the Gardeners came and mowed around all our patio furniture instead of moving it out of the way or asking them to move it. 

I know that there will be a patch of long grass underneath.

They'll just get it next week...

(They never even move the dog toys...they just mow around them)

I was at Bath and Body and got these cool Halloween soaps at a dollar each. I bought a bunch to give to Visiting teaching people and the kid's teachers.

Confession I always like to have something to bring over on a visiting teaching visit.... partly because when I see them on my counter I feel guilty until they are delivered. (Hey sometimes it's whatever pushes me to do it)

Thats my secret to "help" my husband do his hometeaching too...if he has something to bring he will more likely do it. 

So I have one sister who says "You know you don't have to keep bringing me stuff"

Sorry but I do...really it's just me and honestly I just like to do it for fun. 

The last week or so I've had 8 doctors appointments for the kids!


4 of those appointments came with a $45.00 "specialist" co-pay. It was going to be 6 co-pays but I got out of 2 of them. 

I spent $200.00 last week on specialist co-pays and lot of time in waiting rooms, getting kids out of school and lots of driving!

Through the course of the week we did get Taylor's MRI...he does have a stress fracture in his hip. It's a mirror image to the one he had last year. So he's on crutches for at least another month, then they'll do a checkup. It probably will take another couple months to heal. 

Talked to his pediatrician who is also a endocrinologist who says they've already done more tests than anyone normally would for this type of injury. All his blood work came out fine so he is chalking it up to over training.  

So basically try and get him healed up and then see how he does.  

A friend of mine sent me a picture in an e-mail and asked me to do a witch poster for a "pin the wart on the witch nose" game. 

Confession people think they are bugging me with stuff like this but I thought it was fun and I doctored up the picture a bit...added some stuff and made her green instead of yellow. 

One side of me doesn't want too many people to know I can draw or paint ;) but secretly it's fun to do something out of the ordinary and have to use your creativity ;)

She was happy with it and even brought me flowers (before she even had seen it)

OK a big FAIL on the house color stuff. 

After driving around the neighborhood and trying to match paint colors we BOMBED big time. 

Trying to use a paint chip to match a house DOESN'T WORK.

They started was in the shade and seemed OK. 

I got home and I said "It looks PINK!"

He said it was the light. 

Well then he painted the trim colors as a preview. 

"It looks like a pastry cake!!"

I called Jeff home from work to do some damage control!

We determined we could not go with the yellow and green we picked out for the trim. So the painter got some browns together and we picked the darkest one hoping it would be better. 

Paying extra to re-buy trim paint was a small price to pay we thought. 

So the house is done.  We were happy with the job the painters did...

but we aren't happy with the paint color still. 

We think we're going to get used to it but every time we drive up we think 
"Our house is PINK!!!"

We are paying more money to have the base color repainted....before our neighbors think we're crazy :(

We've already been asked """ummmm are you done painting yet???"" Like they're saying "is that really the color your house is going to be??"

Sooo in the mean time anyone need some material???

(You'd get this if you have ever been to the pink house)

Oh one more funny with the painters. They pretty much speak Spanish with a little English thrown in. He kept telling Jeff he was going to get a "lotion" finish. I kept telling Jeff there is no such thing.

He finally called the paint store they told him it was a "low sheen" finish!

Confession - I love having a niece (and nephew) that are willing to come and stay with the kids while Jeff and I go to the New York Life convention. 

We had them over for Sunday dinner and to go over stuff for when we are gone. 

They don't seem to be the least worried about things.

That makes me not worry.

It was fun to play with Cayden. He loves all the toys my kids don't play with anymore!

I hope he'll enjoy his visit...I'll have to do some baby proofing and we have determined that the dog will have to stay in another room or outside. 

One swipe of the tail and over he goes!

Sorry Cayden!

I'm sure when you're older you'll love Maddie :)

We probably spoil the dog (or I spoil the dog)...but when Jeff brings home dog toys that he thought he was paying a dollar for and finds out they were $5.00 each we are holding onto them to bring them back and buy the cheap ones

The bad part is Maddie has already seen them and keeps trying to steal them off the table. 

I had to hide them. 

Confession - I bought a dog toy that was miss shelved and I paid like $9.00 when I thought I was paying 3 or 4. Instead of bringing it back I let her have it.

Shhhh...I didn't tell anyone.

Besides it's her favorite toy.

Confession - I am relieved that Jacob is in a phase where he is getting straight A's and lots of praise from his teachers, 

without help from me, 
or reminders about what he needs to be doing.

He does his homework fast and most of the time first....

but that's so he can hurry up and play more video games.  

Because of his grades I haven't been complaining too much about the video game time....

(I don't want him to lose his motivation...isn't that horrible)

Confession - My family still gets fruit snacks during sacrament meeting (isn't this supposed to stop when you're out of nursery!)...and now Jeff has become the Candy Man too with his suit coat pocket always full of it.

It comes in handy when kids are crying or cranky in the halls not wanting to go to class...Jeff hold out his hand to shake theirs and deposits a little candy. I have to admit more than one melt down has been avoided by Jeff's candy man ways. 

But...I was quite embarrassed last Sunday when candies are being noisily unwrapped in our row and jelly beans kept skittering to the floor! I'm not opposed to a mint or even a piece of gum but this is getting ridiculous!! I barely refrained from disassociating myself from the crazy candy mayhem and sitting in the foyer to listen to the rest of sacrament. How embarrassing.

Taylor this confession is for you...

Why did I go out to your room to get your dirty laundry and find that you colored your VAN's PINK!!???

I texted him at school and come to find out they were supposed to wear pink laces one day for breast cancer awareness. He didn't have them so he let his friends color his shoes pink!!! (Not too happy about it)

I laughed when he couldn't find his regular shoes two days later and had to wear these ones....he'll still be wearing these ones. He chose to color them...he now gets to wear pink shoes. 

This week is red ribbon week for AShley's school.  Each day they have something they are supposed to wear. The first day was supposed to be pajamas day but she thought it might have been changed. (the copier was broken so they didn't get their flyer) So we got ready and drove her down to the school a little early...we scoped out what the other kids were wearing (no pajamas) so I drove her back home to change. 

Confession - I drive to the school way too many times...I'm a pushover mom that way. 

Yesterday was crazy hair day.  I did her hair like normal before we we just clipped a bunch of crazy stuff in it and called it good. 

Confession - Trunk or Treat is coming up and I'm having fun dreaming up stuff that will feel gross for our trunk or treat game...hee...hee...hee

I'll share the secrets of what's in my boxes later.


Maddie graduated from her Adult Dog 2 class last night!

It's been a lot of fun going to class with Ashley every night.

Confession - I worry about making Maddie a therapy dog and having people being grossed out that she wants to lick them to death. 

The other day she wanted to "meet" a little boy riding a bike she she lunged towards him (I was holding her back so she never got close to him) he screamed and started crying hysterically and the dad had to hold him up on his bike to keep from falling over. I felt bad. Maybe we need some more work.

Magnus graduated too!

We're so happy to be doing doggie classes with the Elsworths. They even came over and brought Maddie on a hike with Magnus when I couldn't go. They treated him just like one of their own.

Thanks guys!

What good doggie parents :)

Confession - I smile when I find out things like

The Halloween soap I bought at Bath and Body (for $1.50)

Glows in the Dark!


Anne Marie said...

I love the confessions. It makes blogging so much more fun. Can't wait to feel all the grossness you have in store ;)

Rebecca said...

Again...I could comment on every single confession but I'll stick with the "lotion" finish. I laughed so hard! Yes, paint is probably the single hardest thing to pick. I go through it with every single room I paint and I stress out about it enough that when we had to repaint our door and shutters, I didn't try to paint-match, I went straight to the original painters to ensure it was perfect. My neighbors tried to color match theirs and it looked a bit like the smurfs had moved in...I took them my leftovers so they could do it again. I wonder if they were offended?

AES said...

I love reading about your families adventures :) You write so well!

Sarah Osborne said...

Those Halloween soaps are fantastic! You are such a nice VT. I also love your witch. I didn't know you could paint! Taylor's pink shoes are hilarious :)