Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Target Trip

So I don't know about anyone else but I have to say that doing errands and shopping tends to take a life of it's own when you are carting all of your children with you.

I had intentions of doing a little school shopping today. Not wanting everything that I buy to end up untouched at the bottom of the drawer (to join the other things I have bought recently without my children's approval) I decided to bring them along.

On the upside I was saved from purchasing more than one item that my children declared they would never wear or use but on the downside I ended up purchasing more snacks, dollar items and miscellaneous things that I never planned on.

3 hours into our "errands" the kids are hopped up on fast food and icees and passing the time by annoying each other. I am pushing my cart through Target with a 13 year old sitting in the bottom with his feet hanging out trying to see how many times he can get Ashley to yell TAAAAAYYYYYLLLLOOOORRRRR! Jacob is running through the aisles and under the clothes with Taylor's stolen shoe that he keeps hiding all while I am trying to speed search through the clearance racks to see if there is anything worth considering to buy. This was following a very loud cat and mouse chase game starring my two boys through the shoe section ending with Jacob falling on the ground in front of the stocking woman. I swore we were going to get kicked out of the store so I abandoned my attempt at shopping and made a beeline to the checkout to save everyone else from our ruckus.

As we were walking out of the store we saw a very serious situation! We realized something was wrong when we saw Target employees bunched at the exit. Half of the exit doors were being blocked and a male employee stood in front of us with his arms outstretched and escorted us around the commotion. Other employees were surrounding the scene and scrambling to action. Of course I was curious and had to see what all the fuss was about. A poor women was injured and all these nice employees wer trying to help her. Someone had the forsight to bring a chair to the women who was sitting in the exit doors so she wouldn't have to move from the scene. Some employees were directing traffic around her, others were looking at her injury and others were writing down her statement of what happend to cause her injury. We were relieved that a fire truck was called to help this poor injured woman. As we were loading up in our car a group of nice firemen were running at full speed into the store to come to her rescue.

So what happened to her you ask???? She hurt her big toe!!!! I guess she was walking out of the store and hit her toe on the door. (as far as I can tranlate Spanish correctly) Despite the fact that she was only wearing flip flops I'm sure Target is responsible some how!

I'm so glad our tax payer dollars are being spent worthy causes such as running to the rescue of someone with a toe injury since it would be much to much to ask them to walk to their car and get themselves to a doctor.

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Heather Anderson said...

I am so gald that it is not only my kids who seem to lose their minds in the store. I feel your pain:)