Wednesday, August 26, 2020

January and February 2020

We celebrated Ashley's 18th Birthday this month! 

I can't believe our youngest is technically an adult. She's turned into a beautiful young woman and I'm excited for whatever life will bring her. 

In February Jeff had his celebration for New York Life's 175th year Kickoff. Me getting ready...

And Jeff getting a lot of awards....

Way to go Jeff!

It's fun to have Joel and Virginia close enough that we can pick a time during a weekend to meet up. Tonight we met up at Ontario Mills and all of them decided to get their teeth whitened at the same time while Dean and I waited, ha ha. 

We've loved having Disney passes this year (one of Ashley's birthday presents) We are hoping to enjoy this this last year before Ashley goes up to college. We've gone a couple of times with Kate and her family. 

Valentine's Day Celebration. Jeff was sweet and got me flowers and chocolate and then we went to dinner...

While waiting for a table it was a long wait so we struck up a conversation with this nice couple. Then when they got their table first they invited us to eat with them, Jeff took them up on their offer. 

It was nice to meet someone new...but maybe it would have been more nice to not try and entertain strangers on a Valentine's Day dinner when when you're trying to spend time with your partner, ha ha. 

During February we met up with Angela and Robert and Joel and Virginia to go to Sea World. Angela and I get free Sea World year passes with having our teaching credential so we thought it would be fun to bring all the families. 

It was OK but it wasn't the Sea World I remembered. A  lot of the rides were down or in the process of being renovated and the shows have zero entertainment value. They are quiet, subdued educational sessions due to backlash over the Blackfish movie. Also some of the exhibits (like the penguin encounter) didn't seem very well maintained and had a strong smell and dirty glass. 

So Sea World itself seemed to have lost some of it's former glory but we still had fun spending time as a family and watching the animals. 


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