Monday, April 15, 2019

October 2018

Ashley and her mascot crew at the Homecoming game. They were the King Incredibles this year. 

Of course Ashley was Jack Jack

October was also breast cancer awareness and so they dressed in pink for one of the games. 

The kids love the baby wolf the best. 

Jacob had a plan to mascot for Ashley in disguise for her last game but he didn't even last the pre-game time in the hot suit and instead wandered around and caught up with people during the game. 

In October I helped participate in the Love Riverside day of service by hosting service projects at the Sherman Building.

The building is right across the street from their staging location and people could just walk across the street. It worked out well too because it ended up raining that day. 

Volunteers worked on making baby blankets for Riverside Community Hospital

Making Cards for kids for Loma Linda and for Military with Operation Gratitude...

and making bereavement diapers and buntings for Kaiser of Riverside.

One day we went as a family to Castle Park to go miniature golfing which is something we haven't done in a long time. 

Ashley and I got to go to a Bruno Mars Concert! We bought the tickets months before and it was Ashley's dream to see Bruno. 

The tickets weren't cheap but Jeff was nice enough to buy two for me and her. 

She said this was her first concert 
(unless you count the Hannah Montana taping she went to one time)

We met up with Taylor for dinner at a burger place since we were only a few subway stops away from him. 

Ready to rock out.

The whole concert was selling out as we were putting our tickets in the cart when we were buying them so we ended up getting  floor seats. Not too shabby. 

There was some pre-show stuff but the concert didn't start until like 9:30.  

Not very responsible parenting on a school night ;)

The show started with a bang and went from there! Lots of fireworks, good dancing and great music. It was a great concert. She's ready to do her next one now!

As for my student teaching I finished up my assignment at Rialto high school. 

This was the result of an egg lab where they soaked an egg in vinegar overnight and then put it in hypotonic and hypertonic solutions to observe it. Pretty cool, I'll have to remember that. 

My new placement was at a Middle School school in Moreno Valley. The teacher is very friendly and is doing all sorts of exciting things in her classroom. She had us dress up for Halloween and she dissected an eyeball in her 6th period. Pretty interesting. I stayed at the back of the room and just watched it on the screen so I didn't have to smell the formaldehyde, ha ha. 

I "dressed" up as a cat... and my mentor teacher called me her familiar, ha ha. 

That night Ashley and I went to the Davis's Halloween Party (Jeff was at Council for New York Life in Arizona). This was my favorite food offering. 

Ashley was Alvin and the Chipmunks with friends but they didn't get a good picture this year. 

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