Wednesday, April 17, 2019

July 2018

After we got back from Africa we were able to go to a dinner cruise to celebrate Jeff's success at New York Life along with other agents. It was a reward for doing well.

We got to hang out with Darren and his wife Tiffany and her daughter Christine (good name)  ;)

The food was great and the cruise was a nice evening. 

A couple of weeks later we got to spend a weekend in Long Beach with Joel and Virginia. We had extra tickets to see Imagine Dragons and we invited Joel and Virginia and we decided to spend the night and enjoy some of the things in Long Beach. 

Our hotel was in the down town and right across from the water so we explored that evening. 


And found a yummy dessert place after dinner. 

The next day before the concert we went on a ghost tour in the Queen Mary. Our guide was fun and we enjoyed the tour. 

Oooohhhh creepy keep us jumpy.

We even went down into the belly of the ship to hear more stories. 

Someone got squished in this door.

That night we enjoyed the concert! Imagine Dragons did a great job. 

The next weekend we went with Steve and Tahna to watch an ABBA coverband. 

They did a great job and it brought back memories of my mom playing ABBA when we cleaned the house. 

Thanks for the invite Steve and Tahna!

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