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October, Jacob goes to North Carolina and Angela's baby shower

Jacob is now in North Carolina!

He is loving it so far but is having a bit of a hard time with a companion who is almost ready to go home. I think he came out from the MTC on fire and his companion is winding down. 

Here is Jacob at a zone meeting. 

These were his first letters to us when he got to North Carolina. 

Hey Y'all!

This week’s been a crazy one! The last Sunday in the MTC we finished by watching BYU vocal point preform and i got to meet them! The next morning we had to wake up at 2:30 to catch a plane at 7. It wasn’t to bad, until we got to the Atlanta airport, we only had a 40 minute layover, and our delay on our first flight was 35 minutes about. So ya...we didn’t make it. So we had 15 of us all running around like the biggest airport in the world trying to get on another flight, and we finally found 2 different flights 3+4 hours later. But once we got here to North Carolina it was a relief cuz no one got lost and we had all our luggage! We got to meet the mission president and his wife and they were really nice! They also fed us our first southern meal!
So i got paired with a companion who only got 4 months left which is cool cuz he's got a lot of experience! On the first day, we taught this couple who seemed really accepting of everything we were teaching which was awesome, but we got a call yesterday from the girlfriend saying that the boyfriend was talking bad about us as soon as she left. Fortunately, she really wants to be baptized so she kicked him out of the house, and for some other reasons, it was sad to see him go, but it was really cool to see how far she would go to be in this church. And the next day, we followed up on a bible referral. We taught her the restoration, and she seemed to accept all of it. And at the end I asked her to be Baptized and she said yes! Great way to start out the mission!

We haven’t really got much random proselyting, since our days have already been full of other appointments. Which is cool, but I kinda want to see how random people will react to a little person missionary! We went to Walmart and a bunch of people kept saying hi to me and this old guy came up to me and was like "Wazzup little buddy!" and gave me a fist bump. The people here are so nice! We got to volunteer at this humanitarian society thing and we got to meet a lot of the kinda povertish people who are so humble! Its crazy to see how the so many people here live with barely anything and they're so happy! So far there hasnt been any crazy people contesting us or bible bashing, and i hope it stays like that lol. Also, the food here is really good! I look forward to seeing how the rest of the 2 years turn out!
                                                                   -Love Elder Beaulieu

P.S. My Address is 210 Sunset Dr. Apt 231
                                    Salisbury N.C. 28147
 Its very touching when i get letters! Even though i kinda wrote all the good parts, but it’s already got some tough parts! and reading letters are always encouraging! Also, I’ll be able to write you personally!

Also to us as a family

It was kinda surprising cuz he's the biggest elder here, and he’s kinda lazy so ive had to step it up a bit. like i just did the dishes for the first time today! And in the Apartment it’s just us 2.

The Ward was really nice, they all were very welcoming and i got to impress the men with my piano in priesthood. But the Ward is so tiny! Our priesthood back home is bigger than the whole ward here! So i guess that’s kinda cool, cuz ill be able to get to know everybody easier.

This week was really weird. Mostly because there’s so many people in the MTC, then i was with 15 people, then the next day it was just one guy, but I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable though! The work can be kinda hard sometimes, mostly just in the morning cuz there’s a lot of time for studying and its hard to stay awake, but whenever I’m out i just kinda lose myself in the work, and I don’t really focus on anything but what I’m about to teach and stuff. But the beginning of the week was really hard, cuz i was thinking a lot on how long this is going to be, but after a couple days I was fine, especially once i started meeting the people here. New shoes would be nice if you could send them. Also did you send them the driving record yet? They didn’t say anything like you didn’t but i just wanted to make sure.

Madre: So I went shopping today, and i bought a lot of healthy food! My Goal is to be able to fit into all of the clothes by the time i get back, unless i gain too much muscle! But ive been doing a lot of the things you usually do for me like laundry and dishes, and i don’t think I’ve ever really appreciated how much you did for us kids! So thank you Mom! Love you!

Padre: Lol it’s so cool how the people out here react to little people. All the people in public are so nice and polite, and its weird, cuz no one stares, only like the little kids! They just kinda glance and then keep going with their day, but whenever i go to people’s houses they love me! It’s gonna be fun here!
Hermana Alta: Bro! You better start working out now, cuz I’ve been doing a lot of pushups and stuff so I’m gonna be ripped when i get home! My advice for you my broski, is try and limit your technology time, it was hard at first without it but i got used to it fast! Without it, days have more meaning, they dont just fly by and you look back and nothing happened.

Hermana Bajo: Sis! I’m so proud of you keeping the good name of the baby wolf! My advice for you is just like Bros, i know we both struggled with watching YouTube a lot, but i can honestly tell you its so much better doing something else! I’ve seen myself get a lot more patient without it, and I’ve been able to find more creative ways to pass the time!

To mi familia!: Plz keep me in your prayers, right now it’s going good and i love it here, but earlier this week was kinda rough and just knowing that people back home were praying for me gave me comfort. Also, take some family time maybe just once a week at least and read the scriptures! A lot of the time i see myself blessed by just reading them, not even when I’m trying to find an answer to a question, but the day just seems to go better! Keep me posted on how it’s going! I love to hear it!

Recently I got to go up to Camarillo to go to Angela's baby shower. I'm so excited for her. 

This is the baby blanket I made for her...that I gave along with a bunch of baby clothes. (It's so fun shopping for girls)

Some pictures of the baby shower. 

Angela knows some great women that put on an awesome shower with some yummy food. 

This was one of the games to take play doe and shape it into a baby. 

A cute diaper cake. 

It was fun to hang out with Virginia and Angela and then relax back at the house some before I made the drive back home. 

Our house is getting ready for fall...

Ashley's costume for the Homecoming football game. They have an Olympic theme so all the mascots had variations of a toga. 

The weekend of general conference we watched (well not all of us) all sessions of conference and while we were  home we experimented with making homemade donuts. It was fun to try out something different. 

A random stranger got this picture of Jacob while he was in the airport! Love it!

I know that Jacob made it to the mission home because someone else posted this picture...which Jacob being silly again. 

He is on the incoming missionary wall!

A couple of weeks later Sharla had the sister missionaries over for dinner and she sent me this picture and said one of the sisters knew Jacob from the MTC and loved him!

As for Ashley she had to give a speech in her class about being mascot. Her teacher wanted her to wear her whole mascot costume to do it...she didn't want to so he said just wear the head. The head is the heaviest part and she would have to carry it around all day so I drew her one on foam board instead. I asked her what her teacher said and she said nothing so I guess it was fine. 

Ashley's friend just got a new bird so they brought it over to our house to meet it. We  had fun playing with it but found out that it really likes mouths. 

Ashley kept laughing and then the bird would bite her teeth and she would try to close her mouth but then she would laugh and then the bird would start biting her teeth again!

One more letter from Jacob. 

Group email October 17th 2016
A little over a month down!

So just a little summary of this past week,

Tuesday: Pretty basic day, got a lot of studying done though! We went and did service at this habitat for humanity restore and there i found a blender bottle for like 4 bucks! (is that a good deal?) But i was looking for one because i discovered this thing called protein, and since we have exercise time every day, i was thinking why not get the most buff i can? However, the highlight of the day was when we were teaching Cynthia. So the lesson was planned to only be like half an hour, but she loves to talk so it was actually two hours, so i kinda couldn’t stay focused for that long. She has those couches that you swipe and one way is darker and the other is lighter, and so i started writing "he loves you" on there, cuz we were talking something about gods love, and i was thinking no big deal. An hour after the meeting, she calls us freaking out, but in a good way, it was funny though

Wednesday: Pretty rough day, none of our appointments worked out, except one at the end of the day with recent converts, nothing too special about today
Thursday: Today we did a service project with our zone! I finally got to meet my zone/ family for the first time and i loved them right away! We were working on a orphanage farm place and we moved hay and painted some benches, and i found mini horses! It was so nice being with my kind. And also we took a picture together on top of these hay bales, and my foot got caught on the string when i was coming down so i face planted like 6 feet lol, but it was on more hay so i was fine. Also i saw my longtime friend from the mtc! Elder Flint! But sadly our dinner canceled on us so we ate bagels instead.

Friday: My official one month on my mission! We went to a zone meeting and i got to see the family again! Elder Toki said some inspiring words, but one thing in particular really stood out to me. The overall question of the meeting was 'what's your why?' and i know this applies to the mission, but it also applies to anything! If we have a big enough reason, and we focus on that reason were doing whatever were doing it for, we'll be able to get through so much more! if that makes sense.

Saturday: So we went to go do some service, and by the time we got there, it was already done! So they still took us out to lunch after, and id have to say, the barbecue sauce is really weird down here lol, not like out west. Then we visited a kid who just got his tonsils removed and he had slept 20 hours the day before, kinda jealous :P

Sunday: Today started with meeting, at 8, then meetings ended at 2, so kinda long day to begin. It was pretty packed day, nothing you would be too interested reading but at the end of the day we gave a blessing to a man with shingles, and our ride told us a bunch of cool stories!

I'm gonna try and leave each email with a spiritual thought from now on, and this one happens to be one of the stories the brother told us yesterday. So this week, i challenge each of you to read 1 Kings 19:11-13 and think for a little. Why, if the lord can command all these great, magnificent events to happen, why does he talk to us through the Holy Ghost by a whisper? I wont tell you the answer yet, or at least this deep answer i hadnt thought of, cuz i want you to think about it this week, and also listen, so if the Holy Ghost needs to speak to you you’ll be ready. 

Love ya'll!
-Elder Beaulieu

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