Sunday, May 15, 2016

Vegas trip and Jeff's awards night

In February we went on a short trip to Vegas with the Oleson family. We had planned it when we got a call from Hilton Grand Vacations wanting us to come out and see their property. You basically get a really cheap stay, free dinner and a show for hearing their time share speal. Joel and Virginia were able to book a trip on the same weekend and we make a little vacation out of it. Jacob had a couple of days off school but Taylor didn't so he had to stay behind. 

Since we aren't gamblers or drinkers our Vegas entertainment options are pretty tame. One of the nights we went to the mall. Jared liked the lego store since he works at Legoland.

Ashley liked the store that had the massage chairs...

We all liked that store. Everyone found their favorite and relaxed.

The next day the Olesons had to listen to their time share pitch and we had a free morning so we went out to Red Rock to do some hiking. The only time we like going out there is in the winter because the summer is too hot. 

The kids like hiking out there but as a mom I'm a freak. I'm always worried about them falling off a cliff and they are fearless. 

Jacob and Ashley thought Jeff and I were pretty lame for not letting them continue hiking without us (we wanted them within site so they didn't fall off a cliff without us seeing)

Us as lame parents

Ashley exploring

Jacob king of the mountain. 

When we got back they were happy to go to the pool. 

Dean was really happy!!

The next day Jeff and I heard our time share presentation while the Oleson's waited for us and then we all went out for our free dinner. It was a good dinner but it was crowded! Going on Valentine's Day weekend probably didn't help. 

We ended up going to the Variety Show which we have seen before and liked. Our seats were close enough to worry about the performers falling in our lap. Joel actually got called up on stage to be part of the show and got some free tickets to a show in the future because of it. 

The kids enjoyed the show too. 

After the show we wandered around town looking for a place to get ice cream. We didn't find ice cream but we found the most interesting shaved ice place. It was shaved ice but it was flavored with topping. Ashley is eating a chocolate one. 

The next weekend we stayed for a night in Palm Springs to attend Jeff's yearly awards dinner. 

We were there with the Gunnell's who works with Jeff in his office too and we brought our kids. 

The Kline's are a couple we meet up with every year at these events and have loved catching up with them every year. 

Jeff was #1 in his office this year. He has been in the business for 20 years and it is a nice way to celebrate by being on top this year. He gave a speech and got a big award for it.

The kids were so impressed. 

They were actually very supportive and were glad to be there to celebrate with their dad. 

Way to go Jeff!!


AES said...

Congrats to Jeff! We really enjoyed hearing from him in our ward last Thursday. He's a great speaker :)

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