Monday, June 16, 2014

Taylor's Graduation

Graduation 2014! It's weird to think that Jeff and I are old enough to have a high school graduate especially since it seemed like it wasn't too long ago that we were graduating. 

To start of the celebration we got to go to Baccalaureate. 

There was a lot of motivational speakers and some music but due past complaints from a couple of people not so much as an opening prayer as far as worship goes. 

Anyway it was still a good night and another opportunity to spend time with friends before they will all too soon go their separate ways. 

So proud of our soon to be graduate. 

The night of graduation we got Taylor to the school at 4:30. Ready to go and looking good!

The most stressful part of the night was turning our 8 tickets into enough tickets to accommodate all the family that was coming. It doesn't help that we didn't get the tickets until a few hours before it started. Between 3 families and nice guard at the gate who gave us the last one we needed we got everyone in. 

The next challenge was getting everyone there and in seats. Everyone came in at different times and from different places. Seats that Jeff saved were long gone by the time people got there so he finagled 8 seats in the VIP/handicapped section and the rest of us sat in the stand.   

The last group got caught behind the gate as the graduates were passing by. Jeff was on the other side of the gate waiting to give them their tickets. 

It took 20 minutes for them all to walk through!

Once everyone was in and had seats we could relax! My parents flew out from Virginia for the occasion and Angela and Robert came out as well! I was happy to have them.

Taylor had 754 students in his graduating class!!

We heard some great talks and a wonderful choir performance and then it was time for them to be called up to the stage. 

Congratulations class of 2014!!!

Next we walked through the crowds to find Taylor. Thank goodness for cell phones!

So proud of you Taylor!

Kelzey even came out to see him :)

After graduation we had an open house at the house. 

We ended up getting back at 8:30 which was a little late but Ian didn't seems to be too tired :)

Sibling love. 

We were so happy the Liesl drove all the way from Palmdale to be at the graduation with us! Liesl graduated this year too! Close cousins and friends!

So happy for you

OK time to ditch the cap and gown and relax with family and friends!

Taylor's young men's president, former piano teacher and ward friends all came over to wish him well along with family. Thanks for all the support. 

Now that graduation is done his sights are set on the future...

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