Monday, June 16, 2014

Ashley's promotion

Ashley's 6th grade trip was going to Fiesta Village. I was a chaperone which meant hanging out with other moms while the kids ran around the park together. Ashley had fun going on rides, playing mini golf and hanging out with friends. The weather was even great that day. 

The morning after Taylor's graduation was Ashley's 6th grade promotion. 

We got there 10 minutes after the gates opened and it was already busy!

Luckily we found seats and brought was already warm outside. 

Ashley ready to promote from 6th grade. 

This is the principal and vice principal giving out awards and calling up the children. It was almost as long as the graduation the night before!

In addition to promoting Ashley got the presidential award for her good grades!!  
This report card she got all A's and one P. It was the best report card she got all year and she was happy.  

Ashley saying goodbye to Mr. Cash. She loved having him as a teacher. 

Her good friends Melinda and Brianna. They are all excited to go to middle school next year. 

Happy to have Grandma and Grandpa for promotion too. They even bought her flowers. 

Robert took the day off so they could stay and go to Ashley's promotion as well. 

On Saturday Ashley had her piano recital

Connie Byers is the best piano teacher!

Grandma and grandpa Hovey got to come to listen to her play in her recital before they flew back home. 

We said goodbye to them at 1:00pm and after flight delays and layovers they didn't get home until 3:00am their time!

We were so glad that they were able to come out and celebrate and visit with us this week. 

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