Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
This is Ashley's pretzel creation.
It was the end of the bag....she was bummed that she didn't have enough for another L   :)
This month Ashley and I took a quilting class at the store where she did her sewing class in the summer. She had fun hanging out with the girls but cutting out over 100 rectangles and trying to piece it out for 6 hours was more "fun" than she wanted in a day. Ha ha.
The girls were tired and didn't finish but us moms already have a mother/daughter girls day planned to help them finish.  These cute girls will end up with a quilt eventually!

For the last couple of weeks we've been selling Halloween grams at the school.  We probably sold over 450 and just when I think we would be done more would come in.
They just got delivered! Hooray!
Last week Taylor had a last minute Halloween party that he wanted a costume for.
Since Jacob and him were having matching costumes for Halloween and Jacob wasn't going I asked him what he wanted to be. He said "I don't know maybe a grim reaper or something"
So we went to Kmart to look for a scythe.
3 stores later we didn't find a scythe but we found skeletons in the Christmas decorations.
Why even have seasonal decorations? Why not just throw all the decorations out for the whole year since they are all in the store all together. Every year about this time I get bugged that I feel like retailers are trying to create a false sense of a need to buy things that nobody really needs.
Within a month I know I'll be sucked up into it like everyone else :/
So here is his grim reaper costume. Our scythe is 1/2 a curtain rod we found in the garage with some balsa wood duck taped on. The costume was Jeff's old devil costume that we remade and added some material to on the bottom. So if you have a homemade and thrown together costume...


It always helps to paint your face.
Taylor said he showed up and some of the people didn't recognize him until he started talking!!  :)
That night Jeff and I had our annual couple Halloween party. We didn't know how to top Chucky and Bride of Chucky that we did last year.
We considered Duck Dynasty and threw out that idea. Jeff was out of town until a day or so before so the only thing that we could agree on was minions. We thought they wouldn't be too hard to do.

 I ended up having to buy the sweatshirts on-line and they didn't arrive until 5:30 on Friday and the party was on Saturday! We made it happen...

Jeff ended up looking more scary than cute...ha ha ha.
We were greeted at the door by Snookie and the Jersey Shore clan.

Glad we didn't do Duck Dynasty because Rob and Jen pulled it off way better than we could have!

Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo

Of course us....(I won for most creative costume...Jeff won for scariest, ha ha)

Mike was dressed as a country singer and Summer was dressed as a fan. She had the picture of the country singer he was dressed like on the back of his shirt. I guess he's been stopped on the street and people think he's really him!

More duck dynasty...

They were "The Heathmans" superheros.
It was a fun party with the crazy games and fun prizes. The craziest game this year was a Halloween trivia game and if your team got the answer wrong you had to send up a team member to crack a possibly raw egg on your head!

This last week I subbed 3 times, helped a ton at the school and got to take a break to take Mary Ann out for her birthday lunch (a day early). We went to the Mission Inn which was decorated for Halloween and enjoyed some good Mexican food. It was nice to relax with a friend in between all the other craziness.
In the middle of craziness Jacob announced that one of his classes were having a party and he asked me to make coconut brownies for him. It was like 9:00 a night and I was exhausted but Jeff helped me and we got them in the oven. The problem was I fell asleep on the couch and by the time I woke up and pulled them out of the oven they were ruined and had to all go in the trash!
This morning I tried again for his Halloween party and I made sure I made them early in the evening!

This Saturday Ashley had her school car wash. After days of fog and cold weather we got a beautiful day for a car wash. The 6th graders did a great job and had fun working together too.
 After the car wash we drove out to pick up Ashley's friend Jenna who was coming out for our
 ward Trunk Or treat. She was coming to the party, then spent the night and came to church with us the next day. Ashley always loves having a friend to hang out with. They decided to carve a pumpkin right before the trunk or treat. They realized how hard it was and never finished the mouth...that's OK they had fun doing it.

Ashley and Jenna had their costumes planned since the year before!
 They were a very cute Thing 1 and Thing 2.
I took a lot of time to get their hair back under control!

We dressed up as minions again (without the scary looking mouth) except Jeff kept taking the hood and glasses off.
 Our game was to reach in and feel spooky stuff. This year I kept it to things that were not messy in any way. My favorite was "ghost brains". It had everybody stumped at first.
(It was fake snow and felt cool and dry)
The kids had fun and got lots of candy but the pumpkin didn't fare so well. By Monday I noticed it was sinking and there was mold growing inside of it.

Here is a side view of what it was supposed to look like. Every time I passed by it was sinking down more. The skin was even splitting! I rolled it into a trash bag to take it out and it was a mushy mess!


Oh another change in our family. We adopted out chimi and churro, Taylor's chinchillas. He is getting too busy to give them the time he feels they deserve so we had them go to a good home.

 So we said goodbye

It was sad because they were both the calmest they've been in a long time and it made you miss them already...

I don't think Jacob was quite as sad. ha ha.



So here is a sneak peak of Ashley's 2nd costume. Since Jenna and her can't be together tonight we had to come up with a second costume. She wanted to be supergirl. It was a lot of her own idea along with some of my help to pull it together.
 I found a blue shirt and painted this logo on a piece of felt (she thought I painted it right on the shirt and was worried)

Then she came out of her room like this.  She'll be ready for tonight!


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