Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quotes from this week...

1. "BOO!"

(Thanks McAbee's)

2. "Eeeewww, gross! How in the world could it grow 3 inches of mold spores overnight!! What is IN this stuff??"

(Jeff cleaning up the Nuriche sample that exploded in his car)

3. Jacob "That team cheated."

Jeff "No, they were just aggressive Jacob. Thats going to happen as you get older."

Jacob "But they hit me in the chest."

Jacob "They cheated."

3. "Go BYU"

4. "My seat is too hot! Can I just sit on the ground??!!"

"I'm all sweaty" "Is it done yet?" "How much longer"

"How much did we spend on ice cream, $15.00?"

(Rethinking the "bringing the whole family" idea)

5. "Sorry sir, you're in our seats."

(During half/time we realize we were supposed to be sitting on the field seats with the rest of our group. It was much cooler down there)

6. Ashley "I like the modest girls"

(Good girl)

7. "Look at my bobble head picture!"

(Ashley enjoyed drawing pictures about the game much more than watching the game:)

8. Mom "Did you like the game?"

Boys "I forgot about it." ... "It was fun to sit with friends."

9. (Jeff was home sick on Sunday) After sacrament meeting...

Ashley "I'm sick I need to go home with Dad."

Jacob "I'm sick too I need to go home too. Dad said if we were still sick call him and he would pick us up."

Mom "If I let you lay on the couch and watch one movie after church will you stay?"

Both of them (with sly smiles) "O.K.!" "O.K.!"


10. (Kids running through the backyard as I'm in the kitchen)

Dad "Run, pour it on him! Run, throw it!"

(The results of trying out an "eye for an eye" punishment. Jacob throws water on Taylor's shirt...well Taylor gets to throw some water on Jacob's shirt. Jacob then tries to dry it with the fan.)

(I'm thinking Jacob isn't acting too sick)

11. Ashley "Oh dang it. I just washed my hands and now I want to touch the dirty squash. Can I still help make popcorn if I touch the dirty squash?"

12. Mom "Who can we borrow brown sugar from??"

(Thanks Stapleys)

12. "Boo!"

Happy Halloween!


Christine said...
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Heather Anderson said...

That was very entertaining! I love your cute family!

Matt and Maggie said...

I love the modest ones too!! You go girl. :)