Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flat Stanley and a blast from the past

Ashley had a school project where she made Flat Stanley and then had to mail him to someone (preferably out of state) to take him on adventures. Ashley decided to mail him to her grandparents who live in Virginia. She was thrilled when they emailed her the pictures of Flat Stanley's adventures in the capital on Sunday.

I tried to download all their pictures but shutterfly is wise to us bloggers and they only lets you save the first picture in the slide show. So if you would like to follow Flat Stanley's adventures you'll have to follow the link.

Shutterfly | Shared Picture DetailAs

And now for a blast from the past. I'm beginning to love facebook for the fact that I've been able to look in on a bunch of people from the past that I've lost contact with (which is almost all of them). We can see a snapshot of how our families are doing in a glance and make a little bit of contact. I really don't have time for it but I'll comment here and there. (For those who send me invitations don't be offended I ignore them all indiscriminately.)

A friend of mine that I went to high school with uploaded some pictures of us growing up. It was so fun to see these. This is a picture of my last year at girls camp. We were serving as leaders my senior year and I got to hear "Brother Beaulieu" come speak as he was just home from his mission. (never knowing he's end up being my husband, hee hee).

This is some random picture of me and Joann Watson (Anderson). I don't know what we're doing but don't you love the tucked and rolled up pants and the permed hair.

This was when I was on the Youth Conference committee. I worked with the Cowan's sitting in the front right hand side. I loved them. We just got to see them visit our ward when Meagan Curl's baby was blessed (that's her parents)

Notice all the floral on the ties as well:)

This last picture is again from girls camp we were doing a fashion show to teach the girls about modesty. I'll try and describe what's being worn in order from left to right. There is a tube top, I am wearing a Teddy (again with the rolled up pant legs and shirt sleeves), the next was spaghetti straps, a halter top, fish net stockings, Shawna sporting bell bottoms (there were bells on her pants) and a double breasted suit.

Fun times. Fun times.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

So fun with flat stanley...

Love the pictures from the past!!! This is where we first met I believe.

I agree with you on facebook...I've met tons of friends online...but I don't have time to throw, poke or tell someone I had a crush on them.

Enjoy your week!! Miss you!

Oh, Aiden prayed last night that he could go to the states and see Brother Beaulieu...so random and cute. Tell Jeff for us. :)

Sarah said...

Those pictures are awesome! What a fun idea flat Stanley is too...I bet Carter would love that!

Anne Marie said...

So funny! You're last year at YC was my first year! I remember playing the murder mystery game and you were the murderer. That was one of my favorite years. Thanks for sharing!

Silly Monkeys said...

It is so fun to find pictures from the past! It has been fun finding old friends on FB.

Just the other day Joann and I started FB chat. Then she called because we can talk much better than to keep up on the typing.

It has been fun to remember the past.

Check out our blog too.

Silly Monkeys said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. It is funny scrapbooking and blogging. I am using heritage maker to make my books. Kathryn my sister in law is a consulting. It is easier to find templates for girls than it is for older boys. I had to play and learn how to use it manually. But love it. Keep on blogging and scrapbooking. Melissa