Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jenise's Wedding

My niece Jenise got married this Saturday.

Congratulations Jenise and Sean!!!

Hope your having fun on your honeymoon right now!

Jenise told Ashley that the colors for the wedding were pink and white and yellow. I had a pink and white dress for her but she insisted she needed yellow too. The yellow earings and hair thing weren't enough. Ashley was stressing and we had to go. All the sudden I spotted a fake flower lei hanging on her door that was pink white and bright yellow.

"How about this?" I asked her. She took it and draped it around her arms and was good to go. As we walked down the stairs to leave her cousin asked her if she wanted help Ashley said "No, I don't want to mess up my style."

At the wedding it only took awhile to realize that pretty much everyone was only wearing pink and white. Ashley handed me her lei and guess who got to hold it the rest of the time.

The temple was beautiful and the sun was bright. It was quite a feat to keep our eyes open for the pictures. I don't know if her sisters were happier that she was getting married or that they were going to have their room to themselves now. After the wedding we went across the street for a quick lunch and then to celebrate at the reception.

Instead of a guest book we all signed the matte on a picture of Jenise and Sean.

Our favorite part was the help yourself candy bar... and of course the dancing. Who can have a wedding without the dancing.


Costa Rica Baby! said...

Congrats to Jenise! They look so good together!!!

Open Candy Bar! Way cool!!!

Ashley is just glowing.

Kristine Van Buskirk said...

What funs pics. Weddings are such the best parties! I was trying to figure out who her parents are. Obviously, the Beaulieu side. I'm thinking...Steve? It was fun spying on the family in the pictures. Is that Sherry in the background of a picture? I haven't seen some of those Beaulieu's in SO long! I wish I could see Kenny and Sarah too. I loved that family! Great pictures. Tell Jeff I said HI. Miss you guys. I remember how much fun we had at youth conference. :) Good times, yes, good times!

Kristine Van Buskirk said...

Oh, candy bar....NICE! I would have been "wasted" from that bar! LOL