Monday, July 28, 2008

Dance Festival

Taylor had the opportunity to dance in our local 12 stake dance festival this weekend. In the days and months leading up to it there were costume meetings for me, lots of Tuesday and Saturday practices for Taylor and countless hours of work from those who put it on. Now that it's over we were all glad that we had the opportunity to participate. After the last performance was over and all the youth had caught the vision they were sad to see it come to an end. Taylor has worn his costume to bed for the last 4 days and tells me stories of the people he met and the things that happened during his experience. I'm sure it'll be an event that Taylor won't soon forget.

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Kristine Van Buskirk said...

Hey, we were there! Trisha was actually involved with this too. She said she saw you at one of the practices. I took the girls to the Friday night show. I was impressed! The kids did really well. I wish I could have seen you guys!