Thursday, February 6, 2020

July 2019 - Beach house at Newport

So this summer we did something that's been on Ashley's bucket list for awhile. We rented a beach house in Newport! The house was a couple of blocks from the beach and when we got there it was bigger than we thought it would be! We had a rotation of family and friends that came and stayed with us that week and we just threw in a few air mattresses and enjoyed our time in Newport.

The Oleson's and Zooks were our first guests. We enjoyed the beach and made smores on the patio out front. 

We ended up going to a local ward with my family and this was the mural they had outside the church building!

More beach fun.

We had fun playing games at night and just relaxing. 

The Oleson's had to leave and then Cheri and the girls were able to come and overlap their stay with Angela and Robert and their kids for a night. We enjoyed walking along the pier at Sunset. 

We watched some community music jam session and Cheri and Ashley ended up dancing with the people. Ha ha

The next day we enjoyed some more beach time. 

Later that night it was time to say goodbye. We were so happy to have you all come down to visit. 


After everyone left we drove down to the Laguna and walked around the tide poles. The ocean was really rough that day so we didn't stay long. 

Ashley was tired and wanted to go back to the beach house so we dropped her off and Jeff and I went to the pier and ended up eating at Dukes just the two of us and celebrated Jeff's birthday again!


Ashley had her long time friend Jenna over to stay with us!

We celebrated Jeff's birthday all together at Mama D's that night which is one of our favorite dinner places in Newport. 

The next day Ashley had more friends out including the Hales girls. 

Elsa and Jolene came out to visit too!

We had some fun game time with everyone there. 

In the middle of our time at Newport Jeff had a New York Life event at the Santa Anita Race Tracks. I've never been to the races before but it was fun to do something different. 

We had a nice meal and Citlalli even got Jeff a cake since it was his actual birthday that day. 

Back to the beach! Ashley had Kate and Laney Thompson out to visit.

Our last visitors at the end of the week were Steve, Tahna and family and Dale and Elsa! 

We spent our last dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with everyone. 

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