Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kauai August 2017

When we flew over to Kauai the plan wasn't even 1/5 full and we were able to spread out and relax. I haven't had an empty seat next to me on a flight for years!

We staying in a condo that we rented a few years ago and we already knew we liked the location. 

We decided to do some things we didn't get to do the last time we were here. 

One day we decided to do the Smith Family Luau and Garden tour along with the Fern Grotto tour. 

We boarded a large flat bottom boat to travel up the river and get to the fern Grotto which had a little waterfall and a bunch of hanging ferns trailing from the overhanging rock. 

(Telling us the history and singing songs about it)

They used to have wedding ceremonies under the water but they stopped due to the danger of falling rocks. 

We got to explore the beautiful gardens before the Luau started. 

(The kids decided to sit and wait for us)

On the way back we saw an entire peacock family...

The dinner was great but the show was just OK (nothing compared to Polynesian Cultural Center) but we still enjoyed it. 

One of the other days we drove around the islands to see the parts we hadn't seen the last time we visited. 

We stopped at this bird sanctuary and lighthouse.

Waimea Canyon was more impressive that we thought it would be. It was amazing. 

Then we drove as far north as we could and looked out over the Napali coast.

(little too close to the edge for my taste)

At the top of the ridge we are at the wettest place on earth. 

Of course it rained on us while we were there. 

One of our last outings was ziplining. This was my first experience ziplining. 

I was apprehensive but I was glad I did it. 

The great thing with this company was they did the braking for you so you could relax and just ride. 

We were able to ride on something like 8 lines with one of them being about 1/2 mile long. 

Most zip lining companies wouldn't accommodate someone who was the height of a dwarf but this one did. Ashley just met the weight requirements too! 

Very impressed with them and it was a great time. 

One of the last days we drove to this waterfall right off the road. 

Our final dinner at Dukes by the ocean  

Our final night there was the most impressive electrical storm that I've ever seen. This was the sky in the middle of the night. We just stood on the balcony listening to the thunder and watching the sky light up over and over. 

We tried watching the eclipse in the morning but we couldn't see anything so I explored the beach one last time before we left to come back home.   

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What a cool picture of the electrical storm!