Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Summer 2016 Rhodes, Greece

The next day we were at the island of Rhodes in Greece

Generally we found that this island was prettier than Crete.

Just driving away from the dock we saw this ancient castle out over the dock. 

One of the churches on our drive...

They are all beautiful and unique inside. 

Ashley lighting a candle

Our view of Rhodes on top of the ridge...

Jacob enjoying the view

Ashley not so much, ha ha.

This was the temple of Apollo. 

It was covered in scaffolding but you could still see the columns through it. 

On our way to the other side of the island and the beach our driver stopped at a pottery shop.

We weren't too excited to stop because we didn't want to get side tracked like the day before, we wanted to hang out at the beach. I have to admit it was interesting though. 

We saw how they made the pottery.

Ashley met the shop dog...

and before long we were on our way to the beach again. 

Finally on the other side of the island we arrived at the beach.

Most of us voted to go straight to the beach but there was an acropolis up on the hill that Joel, Scott and Taylor went and explored. 

They rode up most of the way on mules and then walked around the ruins on the top of the hill. 

They had a pretty good view from the top.

Meanwhile our view was of the sand and the water. 

Eventually the boys made it back to the water with us. 

The water was so nice and relaxing!

When we were done we were dropped off at the old part of the city. 

Here is our driver for that day. 

To enter the city we walked through a small doorway through thick medieval walls. 

The city was interesting and fun to walk through. 

We ate gyros for lunch. We are growing to like them. Yum!

We walked by this ruin of a church...

and then it was time to walk out of the walls and back to the ship. 

That night on the boat we all rocked out to their show...

Lots of fun. 

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