Wednesday, July 27, 2016

April, Prom and cheer competition

So I'm posting these things out of order but at least I'm getting them posted. 

In April Ashley and I had fun doing a paint night at a friend's house. It was Christmas in April for me but Ashley's picture is now proudly hanging up in her room. 

Girls movie night.

It's great to see the kids enjoying the backyard. They have started enjoying making their own fires and having smores when friends come over. 

I love looking outside and the kids will be playing basketball together or swimming.

We got to celebrate Jacob some. Jacob got awarded his Eagle!!

Here he with Bret holding the knives that Brother Loveland gives them for getting their Eagle (they say that is the best incentive)

I also got to make this board for him for the senior banquet night for cheer. 

He looked at some of the pictures of when he was younger and said "Awww, I look so cute!!"

Jacob getting his certificate for the year. 

He had a great time being mascot while at King. 

Ashley and I saw some old friends at a local LPA party. We haven't gone to many events but its fun to catch up when we do. 

Chloe and Elizabeth.

We had fun taking Cassidy and Jolene for our first beach day of the almost summer. 

Spring break Jacob and Ashley got to go on trek. I had to make Ashley her outfit (though I borrowed the bonnet and bought the shirt). 

We had to pack all their stuff for the trip in these buckets. 

Ashley kept worried about looking stupid in her outfit until she saw everyone else wearing the same things.  Here they are getting dropped off.

While they were on trek it started raining and raining. 

Everyone was still in good spirits but it was very wet. 

After a night of getting bedding wet and then walking all day in pouring rain it got to the point where everyone was huddled in a shed trying to decide what to do. It was decided that they would have the youth come home a night early and then come back the next morning to meet for testimonies. 

The next day I let Jeff sleep in since he had been driving around in the mud with them the whole time and I got to go to the testimony meeting. When I went to pick up the kids stuff Jacob's sleeping bag was unrolled, half soaked and had a spider crawling on it. 

Even though a lot of the kids were grateful to be warm, dry and have a hot shower most of them wished they could've stayed until the end. 

While they were gone on trek I got to hang out with friends and do pedicures and go to dinner...

One day I got to meet up with Cindy and her friends for lunch when she was in town for a visit. 

I've been finding more projects to do with just serve. This one is making cards for hospitalized kids and I hosted a mutual night having the young women work on them. 

They did a great job and came up with a lot of imaginative and beautiful cards. 

I had the opportunity to go to a couple of Chef Brad cooking classes and learned some more about how to use my pressure cooker and sample some yummy stuff. 

Taylor had a birthday. Can't believe he's 20! We celebrated by going out to dinner. 

While we were there I had the nastiest mushroom soup. It was all the soup they had and I was thinking Campbell's cream of this was a puree of mushroom chunks. Yuck! I don't like mushrooms very much anyway and after one bite I couldn't handle any more. 

Jeff bet the kids $100 to eat the bowl. No takers but they took a bet for $1 for a bit... that was a stretch, ha ha. You can see their reactions.

Jacob had his national cheer competition in Vegas this year. 
Before it the kids came over practicing their routine. 

We ended up taking Jayden with us. The boys ready to go.

Everyone had time to practice outside for a bit.

Ready to perform. Lets Go!

They did a great job!

While we waited for the results Jeff and I wandered next door to the Mormon fort which was the start of Las Vegas.

King ended up winning the overall awards again this year...

You can see Jacob behind all the girls.

Great job guys!

Afterwards we celebrated by going to container park and then a buffet. 

They had this wild sculpture of a praying mantis that would spout fire...

A fun weekend with the boys.

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