Monday, August 24, 2015

Josh's and Gage's Weddings

Our nephew Josh was married at the beginning of this month and it ended up being a weekend celebration with family and friends. 

First I got to go to the Redlands temple with Darby when she went for the first time. 

I got to meet her parents and we went out to a great BBQ dinner with the family after.

The actual marriage was a couple of days later at the Newport temple. 

The family waiting outside the temple for the ceremony.

Ashley hanging out with Jenise's boys.

Beautiful girls...

Nice to see cousins...

and Grandma.

Congratulations Darby and Josh!

Proud Grandma holding her newest grandchild Boston.

We were glad to be there

While we were waiting for lunch and the wedding party was finishing pictures we decided to walk along the pier. 

Steve and Tahna, proud parents.

We had a celebration lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory.

That night we had a lot of fun at the wedding reception. 

Cutting the cake.

The kids all danced until it was all supposed to be over.  They even got Darby's brother out on the dance floor which shocked his parents. 

Snuggling Zander

The next day we got together after church to have the family play Pinochle...well Jeff, his aunt Jeanie, Dale and Steve played pinochle. (It's an old family tradition with Jeanie)

The cousins had other plans. 

They played chubby bunny with grapes (luckily nobody choked)

and then played Mafia (which is a cousin family tradition). 

I even played with them for awhile :)

This last weekend was Gage's wedding. 

Josh and Gage are actually close in age, it's funny that they would get married within 2 weeks of each other as well. 

The wedding was in Laguna Beach. 
We hit traffic on the way down and we almost missed the "I do's!"

Luckily we got there just in time.

Gage and Christine had their friend officiate. 

Chase as one of the groomsmen.

Congratulations Gage and Christine.

Cheri's girls were the cutest flower girls. 

It was nice to be there to celebrate with them. 

Olive and Violet loved the donut bar...even though they pretty much just ate the frosting and goodies on the top.

We were happy that we were able to be there with Gage to celebrate his big day.

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