Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mormal pictures and Jacob's cheer banquet

I finally got the pictures of Jacob and his date from Mormal! 

He had a fun time with a great group of kids! 

St. Patrick's Day came and the most festive my children got was Jacob writing "green" on his arm as he walked out the door.

That night was a mutual night that mixed activities with spiritual messages...

A favorite was this one where they made a spiderweb of string..

and then lifted a friend on it. They could lift her in the air but when they started cutting strings she started dropping, showing how important it is to have good friends that lift you up.

Oh our washing machine broke. After cleaning up 4 floods from it we decided to replace it. We found out that part of the reason it kept flooding because the shutoff valve is broken too. No fun. One of the times Taylor and I were sweeping water up and using every towel in the house at one in the morning. I'm happy to say that everything is working now. 

We are doing our annual Young Women's fundraiser to help the girls earn their money for girls camp. They are selling bath salt parfait's and ...

homemade cookies for Mother's Day.

While we were in the experimenting phase of what to sell and I made these strawberry meringue cookies.  My family is not a fan of meringue, I figured while they might look good most people would want a traditional cookie.

I ended up bringing them to a 3rd grade class that I was subbing for and I called them cotton candy cookies and they loved them. 

I had the opportunity to go to Jacob's cheer banquet. 

He's really enjoyed being able to be mascot this year.

His buddy Nathan and him are quite the pair. 

Here are some of the pictures that they had of the mascots.

Jacob got some certificates and also earned his letter for being in Varsity Cheer

Way to go Jacob!

I have a friend who started working for the Jurupa Mountain Discovery Center. 

I went and helped volunteer for a day of field trips.  

It was a fun presentation and I learned a lot and though I probably don't have the time to  help a lot it was fun for the day and maybe I can come back and help again sometime.

I did get some rocks to use for science lessons in the classroom. Sure enough I had a 5th grade class that was learning all about minerals and I was able to share some of my collection with them already. 

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