Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Photo Gallery

If our home was a gallery I would frame these pictures on the wall this week and title them...

"Wrinkly Bling"

(Joy joy, the "Bling" shirt I've been waiting for and never got to wear is here! It's been here...not sure how long...unwittingly wadded up in a teenager's backpack! Guess it can wait until next year to be worn.) 

"Salt in the Wound"

Going to a track meet alone to watch your former running partner win 1st place....and your team mates win 2rd and 3rd while you stand in the background on crutches...salt in the wound.

Being able to suck it up and have the ability to celebrate their win with them that night at a pool party and cake...priceless.

(Taylor is trying to have a sense of humor about the whole thing...his new nickname is "Cripple" and he says next year he'll probably show up in a body cast...)


(I used to laugh at those who read scriptures from their electronic devices during class but now though I will never stop bringing my marked up, well-loved scriptures to church my family has discovered the joys of carrying a 2 oz version of them that slips into their pocket. My i-pod counted as scriptures in Jacob's class on Sunday and he even got a candy bar for bringing his "scriptures" because hardly anyone else did!)


Children were wanting to read "scriptures" during sacrament meeting when I saw typing I took it away...this is what I found on my to-do list...” 

Give Taylor 100 dollars, 
Let Taylor go out with friends whenever he wants to, 
Give Jacob 29.64 dollars, 
Give your Ipod to Taylor,
 Buy Dr. Pepper,
 Buy more Dr. Pepper…”

Nice try. 

"Sudden Death Salad"

Jeff was nice enough to help me cut lots of vegetables for this salad for the next day's baby shower....including jalapeno peppers...he learned....

while cutting jalapeno peppers wear gloves,
cutting peppers without gloves can result in hands with chemical burns on them,
hands with jalapeno oil that are burning will burn any other body parts you touch,
careful what you touch because even showers don't seem to get it off,
submerging your hand in milk only helps while your hand is in milk,
jalapeno burns can make for a long night...

* (no other people were burned in the making or eating of this salad)

"Best Auction Prize I ever Won"

Last year when we were bidding on service opportunities to help fund girls camp for the young women in our ward I bid and won a cake made by one of the young women.  Almost a year later I redeemed my coupon and asked Nicki Bell in our ward to make a cake for the baby shower I was helping with. She did an awesome, impressive, fantastic job! (Now I'm feeling guilty because I think I underpaid what this was worth) Moral of the story "Never underestimate your young women!"

"Brave Woman"

Monica is a sweetheart with 4 beautiful daughters now soon to be added with 2 sons and another daughter. She handles the aches, pains, nervousness, and hunger that comes along with carrying 3 babies with beauty and grace. We were happy to celebrate with her.

"Triple the Babies, Triple the Fun, Triple the Diaper changes when the day is done"

Monica got lots of diapers donated a the diaper drawing..she'll be set for a bit at least. She also got lots of cute clothes.

"Little White Lie"

     Ashley took some pictures of our travels into her school for their “journeys” bulletin board. She was mad about one of the pictures that I put in the stack. 

"MOM why did you put this picture in there! I don't like what I am wearing and I am doing a stupid pose!"

 So I asked her what she did with it. She said she turned it around and hid it. Then when she got to the bottom of the stack and kids asked her what the last one was in her bag she said “Oh it’s just a piece of paper. My mom put it in there to keep the pictures apart” Sure enough she got out of the classroom without showing it to anyone. 

"Paid Volunteer"

Jacob mumbled and grumbled for 3 days about having to go to their Deseret Industries volunteer assignment. Donuts from dad and being able to buy the whole season of Survivor All Stars for $2.00 made him a happy every afternoon I hear the sounds of Survivor wafting down the stairs. 


I got Taylor to school about 10 minutes late after taking him to the Sports Clinic on Monday and when I went to sign him in at the office they barred him from the campus. 

I guess it's illegal to have CRUTCHES on campus. He has to have a doctor's note signed and dated saying he has to use crutches and listing how long he is going to use them. It didn't matter that he wasn't going to use the stairs, it didn't matter that he had been on campus a week already with them. She said it wasn't her fault that the teachers hadn't narked on him like they were supposed to...
No Note....No School, so off to home we went.

One of us was of us was happy.

After 2 1/2 hours of phone calls back and forth to the doctors office and the school we finally had approval to come on campus again. 

Good grief.

"Mini-Mi with her own illegal contraband"
Once it was discovered that a pair of short crutches were in the storage shed left over from Jeff's surgery...someone else "hurt her leg" 
(After a day or two she gave up on them when she realized they weren't as fun as they looked ;)

"Dog Heaven"

We were invited to go on a hike with the Elsworths to Sycamore Canyon. We walked the trails with the dogs off the leash so they could chase squirrels and rabbits, jump on rocks and enjoy the outdoors not being confined by fences. I have to admit I was worried about her running off, being bitten by snakes and other stuff but she did really well and if she ever got too far she always came right back as soon as I called. 

"Aftermath of Dog Heaven"

We sure tired them out. Magnus is now Maddie's best friend and when the Elsworth's clap and call for Magnus...Maddie comes running. 

"Never too Old for Bubbles"

At least on Sunday afternoons, when you can't watch TV, and your bored...your sisters bubbles start not looking too bad...


No more answers on his leg....I drove to the school yesterday to bring him ibuprofen because it was hurting. He had just had an incident where his crutch slipped and he put full weight on his leg and he was in excruciating pain I ended up bringing him home so he could ice it. He said he had never been in that much pain before. 

After icing it he said it receded to the "normal pain"

Another trip to the sports clinic with copies of the x-ray report in tow, they said it's been 10 days and he's not any better "You need to be referred to an orthopedic doctor"  He needs an MRI.

Hmmmm you think

Try telling that to our HMO doctor. 

He has an appointment on Tuesday 
I'll prepare my battle plan


Anne Marie said...

I love the cake that Nikki did! So creative!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Fun pictures! I used to be so jealous of my friend who had crutches when I was younger. I only had them once while in college. What a miserable thing! Though thankfully I wasn't banned from campus.

That story about your daughter not liking that picture was too funny! I also love the cake. :)

Sarah Osborne said...

Fun idea for a blog post, Christine. I like it! That cake seriously is amazing. And I laughed out loud at Taylor's list on your phone. Creative...

p.s Ashley is such a cute, funny girl. I'm guessing she didn't love the fact that you put the hated picture online? ;)