Monday, July 11, 2011

Full swing into summer

So I've had these pictures ready to be uploaded to the blog for almost 3 weeks and I'm just now getting to it...Wow summer sure is going by fast!

After getting back in town we thought we'd make some plans other than TV time every day so we succumbed to peer pressure and bought Soak City passes along with the 5 or 6 other families that we knew had them.

We had them last year so I was not sure about getting them again but I did a trial run and Taylor enjoyed it and Jacob actually went on most of the big slides (he's finally tall enough:) so it was a go.

Palm Springs is the best when Riverside is in the 60's you can count on Palm Springs to be in the 100's!

Lot's of water and plenty of sun-screen and you're in for a good day.

The next day we got an emergency text looking for helpers for Jacob Pendelton's Eagle project. They were painting a giant map on a school playground so we came out to help.

There was heat, lots of paint (some of our socks are now multicolored) pizza and even donuts. The boys of all ages enjoyed hanging out together and ...

 taking breaks on the swings, playing hide and seek (we had to get them off the roof and inform them that the roof was not a hiding place), and having some water fights.

This is about as far as we got on the first day.

The second day we came back to help them finish it off.  I think that Cindy was glad I was there since I often was the only other adult and more often the only adult as she was then free to get supplies and pizzas for the boys.

What good workers!

Great job guys.

Father's Day!!

(I'm getting low on gender appropriate gift bags)

Jeff's the best dad!

He got a grilling apron...perfect for keeping him from looking like a chimney sweep by the end of his grilling time.

And ...surprise Ipad.

(I encouraged him to get it because he's been wanting one for 2 years + and could never stomach spending the money)

It was a surprise for the kids though. It was the best father's day present they ever had ;)  The kids realized how fun the Ipad was at their cousin's house.

Who knew Ashley would become the cut the rope and fruit ninja champion of the family.

One of our summer days my attempt to get the kids off TV was to take them on a hike in Sycamore Canyon.

It was warm but not too bad. Maddie loved it.

Jacob kept asking if we could go back yet.

Jacob did like it when we got to the water...we didn't like the fact that Maddie kept wanting to play in it and got herself and her leash all muddy :( 

Jacob attempting to take a picture at another part of the stream.

It was great getting them out of the house and get a little exercise but by the end Ashley was on my back to get her back to the car :)

Another summer day....

beating the heat in the pool. Now the kids always have a swimming partner. The downside the swimming partner always gets the pool muddy....

and by the time it's filled you won't want to swim in it any more.

We did go to the library since the summer reading program has always been a summer tradition.

Well it's 3 weeks later and I'm the only one thats picked up any of these books and actually read them.

( I thought they might read them on our trips but the Ipad nixed that idea)

I have added some lovely overdue fines on our library card though. All 3 kids library cards are officially unusable until I pay the fines on them.

Taylor has started running with his cross country buddies far he can only hang with it about every other day...of course camp starts soon.

We just got his physical for it...his favorite part of the exam is when the doctor has me leave the room ;)  hee hee

These have been Ashley's buddies this summer. She is always wanting me to put these on and she has been known to wear them all day. (She says they make her feel taller) I think she just likes to roll around everywhere.

Ummmm...hate to admit it but some of this has been going on too...

This morning I told them they could watch it until I get back from the gym then it goes off....Yeah time for me to get off the couch too and get back to the gym ;)

The chinchilla babies are doing good and getting big. We finally have an escape proof cage.

Awwww how cute!

The other thing we've been getting ready for is Taylor's Eagle Court of honor.

This week I'm working on his display table...this Saturday at 6:00 he'll be honored along with 6 other boys from his troop! Hopefully it'll be another great time to see family!

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