Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Visit with grandma and the newest nephew!

Our spring break started off with a trip to Camarillo to see these people...

Grandma Hovey and our newest nephew

Ian Carter Zook 

We celebrated with Ian's first dinner at a restaurant...(even though his dinner wasn't anything on the menu)

He spent the experience pretty much sleeping on his boppy.

Ashley especially was thrilled to have another baby in the family.

I am thrilled that Angela and Robert are still living here in California so we can share these fun times of their life. It is great to see them as new parents letting this little guy be the center of their universe, and giving him all the love and attention that babies love! (Brought back memories of when I was a new parent)

We got to watch conference Sunday in Angela's living room.

I think Angela and Robert's late night feedings/diaper changes were no match for afternoon conference talks...

But these guys don't have an excuse! :)

Afternoon conference seems to do someone in every time...

After conference (naps for some) we thought we'd take a quick drive to the ocean.


This part of the highway that we stopped at was part of the original PCH. It was closed and the road was diverted because people kept running into this rock or off the cliff and getting killed. 

Glad they changed the road...

Robert said this strip of highway was in a lot of car commercials.

We had a great visit with Grandma, Angela and Robert and Ian.

While I was thereI loved looking at Angela and Roberts scrapbooks of their trips to Europe and Costa Rica, then it was thrilling to have my mom tell about her cruise to the Bahamas glad that she and dad got to enjoy some traveling together too.

Look at these good looking boys!

And of course Taylor always posing for his GQ shot.

As soon as we got back from Angela and Robert's the next 3 days I spent every morning at the sport's clinic with Taylor trying to get his injury figured out (it wasn't getting any better). So instead of sleeping in Taylor and I left the house at 6:30 every morning to get to the sports clinic during it's 2 hour morning office hours.

Through trial and error they said it's an injury of his IT band that runs from his hip to knee. They also found out that one leg is shorter than the other and we are experimenting with a shoe insert to see if it helps.

On the first day we went down there I kept asking Taylor if he wanted to wear shorts. Like the basketball shorts he wore to bed.

"NO! That would be weird!" he said.

First thing they did was ask him if he had shorts on under his pants. (You are in a big room with lots of people). Nope? OK well here are some paper shorts for you to wear.

Ha ha...he wore shorts the other days.

This big foam thing is something they said he needed...it was going to cost me $40 at the place...I got it for $20 at Big 5.

A couple of days were spent with cousins.  Rock band is always a favorite.

Look at that concentration Jacob!

And the beautiful weather got us outside to enjoy the park.

I broke down and bought the kids popsicles from the ice cream guy (I never do that)

Of course neither one of these guys finished the popsicle I bought for them.

So what to do with it??? 

Give the dog a treat of course.

Maddie made some new friends in the sand box. She loved all the attention...

She was pretty patient with this 2 year old that started out being scared of her and then couldn't stop hugging her. I think she was done with the hugs by the end though....

Throughout these days I was also packing and getting ready for our Spring Break trip to the Grand Canyon. We bought some more shorts and summer clothes at Kohls for the kids and prepared for what we were expecting would be a great Spring Break vacation exploring and hiking one of the natural wonders of the world.

Funny how life gives us the unexpected...

(to be continued)


Sarah Osborne said...

I'm laughing at the nap pictures. I flicked Kyle a dozen times during afternoon conference and told him I felt like his mother :)

I had to comment on Taylor's injury. Such a bummer! Almost everyone has one leg "longer" than the other though and it does cause problems in the long wrong. It has to do with your hip flexors being out of alignment...the actual leg isn't longer, it's just hanging down longer because a certain bone is tilted up by your hips. When you go to the chiropractor they actually look to see which leg is longer to help them determine exactly where you need the adjustment(I did this when I ran cross country in high school and again with my chiropractor father-in-law 2 years ago). So, if he's not into the shoe insert route you could try to fix the problem all together at a local chiropractor's office.

Anne Marie said...


Rochbug said...

Look at Ashley's face with that boy hugging the dog...you just know she wants to tell him to stop it. :) so cute.

Piper said...

I am eagerly awaiting the grand canyon pics... ;)