Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warning to mothers and fathers everywhere...

WARNING Teething Dog...

You'll never know what you'll find...

The ball that she like to just play with last week is now chewed to pieces in seconds...

Beware of purses left open on the couch...




I took these items out of her mouth ...

 wondering where she got them.

WARNING ...holes in plastic chairs tempt children doing homework to poke things into them.

Moms will be forced to operate to get the item out.

No matter how hard she tries the hole will become larger.

WARNING - When children say they want to do cute homemade valentines that require more than writing their name on them.

Don't believe them.

They will be tired after doing one...

you will be doing the rest alone.

Warning - Children will not always appreciate the craft item you are offering to make in class. No matter how well recieved it is by the rest of the class.

This was not appreciated because "It is NOT big enough to hold ALL the candy I am going to get."

You will have to promise the child to bring lunch sacks for the extra loot.

Warning - Don't mix up the type of enchilada sauce your family likes to eat.

My family likes mild ONLY.

I accidently used HOT sauce that was sitting in the garage.

It was probably in the garage because I had bought the wrong one.

If you do dinner will be served with lots of sour cream, bread, 1/2 your milk and lots of laughing at you and with you by the family members. (luckily they were good sports)

WARNING - If your teen wants to host a party prepare to do 1/2 the cleaning you would do for a normal party (it will get undone in minutes and they don't notice it anyway) and only put out 1/2 the food...they won't eat it. (Unless it's within reaching proximity and they don't have to get up).

The good thing is your teen will appreciate how hard it is being a host and will appreciate you more and feel responsible to pick up their friends' messes.

Warn your teen who wants to host a party that 4 hours is too long...

Fun video games are a must...

that get everybody involved...

and lastly to plan games where you won't be the butt of all the jokes.

Quote "It was funny the first time...but after that it got annoying"

Warning to parents hosting teen parties...feeling like your hovering is OK. Feeling like the party is going fine and looking down from upstairs every so often doesn't cut it..because the later it gets...

the sillier they get.

Let's just say, lock up your toilet paper.

WARNING - You can plan the most fun activities for a Dad and son outing (because the other children are occupied) and...

your son might not be excited about it no matter how fun it is...

until Dad says he can invite a friend.

So he'll think its pretty cool and enjoy it...

as long as there are snacks involved.


WARNING - When you get the inclination to make grandma's homemade sugar cookies for Valentines Day don't make 4 batches at once.

It's messy and takes hours to finish.

Also don't expect family members who only like chocolate chip cookies to be very excited about them.

Warning - to Moms who spend all Sunday evening making sugar cookies thinking your son would like to bring some to seminary the next day. Don't be dissapointed when they are not taken.

"He's good" he says. (meaning he doesn't want them) 

Even if you try 3 times he'll decline.

He says the kids in his class don't care.

WARNING - to parents who go to our elementary school. When trying to sign in at the office to go to the class party you will be told that the principle has JUST decided that she is postponing all class parties for an extra 35 minutes because she doesn't want to interfere with instructional time.

Your options will be to drop off your items and go or sit and wait.

What choice to you have when your room mom?

Eat lunch before you go so you aren't extra irritated at this news.

Warning - just know that the teachers will not know anything about this new decision and will think you aren't coming and will start the party without you.

When you walk in the room they will all be full.

Your plate of cookies that took hours to make will look like this when those who want them are done taking them.

The ones that do take them will throw them into the trash uneaten.

Warning - When trying to recreate Valentine memories that you thought were special as a child realize that they might not be as appreciated by your crew now. So take all the extra cookies and give them away to all your neighbors and anyone else that you can think of.

Warning - While trying to give Valentine cheer to everyone else realize that family comes first. Your husband will not appreciate the fact that you "don't really know" what you want to make for dinner after a long day when he's gone out to 5 stores to get you all your Valentine goodies in between working and doing all he had to do.

Warning - Marry a good husband that comes home after a long day and pitches in to help you make dinner, clean up and help the kids get to bed even if he might be a little dissapointed on your lack of preparation and has a migraine.

Now thats true love!


Erin said...

Oh christine what a week. Good warnings to all. Youre a trooper.

Rochbug said...

I sent Eli to the school with Kayla's class treat since he's always working when they have a party, and boy was that the wrong thing to do. He was more then ticked off with the Principal and even let her have it infront of all the parents. Your cookies look delicious!!

Matt and Maggie said...

Isn't this just a thankless job sometimes? So sorry!
Wouldn't know from experience, but sounds like being a room mom is tough!

Sarah Osborne said...

Ha ha! You're a good mama, Christine. I'm always amazed at how much you have going on at once!

Anne Marie said...

Sounds like you need a spa vacation, even if it is just for a day. Those cookies really did look yummy!

sherrie said...

I made sugar cookies too, still sitting in the kitchen.
You are one brave Mom, hosting a teenage party, haven't done that one yet.

Merrill Family said...

Oh boy! Sounds a little like our house last week but I love reading about yours it always so funny,and real. Good luck next week hopefully you don't have any Presidents day festivities:)