Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Times and Seasons

Back from Florida and back into the whirlwind that is our life. It's the dawn of a new day and I'm sitting here reflecting on the times and seasons in our lives.

This season includes getting up this morning before 5:30 to herd kids downstairs to piano lessons, soccer practices, homework help (Last night I spent 3 hours helping Jacob with a an assignment due today) and a million other things that make up our day. This is just our season I'm sure when the kids are grown and gone we'll miss this.

Even our "stuff" has times and seasons. The wallmart backpacks I got the boys this year only had a season of about 3 weeks...then they started falling apart. After a month (and the night before Jeff and I left for Florida) Taylor lost the use of both of his straps.

What a mess! He had to carry his backpack like a baby the rest of the way home. I broke down and bought a "real" backpack for both of them right before we flew out and hope it's season is longer...

As Jeff and I were lining up to get on the plane to Florida I called Taylor to find out how he did on his race. "Terrible" he said. He had rolled his ankle when he stepped on a rock and struggled to finish the race and now he couldn't even walk. He was stuck for the rest of the day at the meet because he didn't have a parent to pick him up. We hurriedly called the Gunnells who were watching the kids to warn them he'd have to go to urgent care when he got back on the bus.  I worried the whole 5 hours we were on the plane and couldn't talk to him and I felt bad for Taylor sitting there alone and in pain.

It looks like his cross country season is probably over. He only has 3 races left and his ankle will take 3 to 6 weeks to heal. At least he's off the crutches this week. All that training! How frustrating! He's is developing compassion for people that have physical disabilities though and has bonded more with the boy in our ward who is in a wheelchair.

Another season is over for me. I was released from being Relief Society President this last Sunday. It's bittersweet but mostly sweet. I'm excited for an all new presidency who is excited to serve the Relief Society and able to give the sisters all they deserve.

I was thinking what a wonderful program it is in this church to allow different people the opportunity to offer their unique talents in a job for a season and then allow somebody else the chance to do the same. We all profit from each other and we all grow more from it.

I think the release usually seems to come when we're comfortable, or when we are past the point of being tired but still trying. When we're too comfortable we're past the point of the calling helping us grow and we need a new challenge. When we're stretched too far and tired I think the Lord allows us to continue past our capacity so we can grow and then he gives us release so we can rejuvenate before it's time for the next challenge.

After I passed off the "books" and all the stuff yesterday there was a sense of relief because I was tired.


I'm not home free though. I have a new calling ...Gospel Doctrine teacher, which is pretty fine by me after the last couple of years. 

I laughed when the bishop told me the calling they had for me.  Here's the quote from my journal that was written from about a week and a 1/2 before.

Friday Sep 17th

I just got a phone call. I couldn’t get there in time but I saw that it was Mark Gardner calling and knew he was leaving me a message. In the course of 10 seconds I wondered if he just might be calling me so I could meet with the bishop. It might be time for me to be released (I hit two years in August). Instantly I felt relief. Then I thought “they need a Gospel doctrine teacher with Ivan being called into the bishopric. Then I thought “What if I’m the next gospel doctrine teacher???!!! What a great calling for me, no more worrying about people’s problems. I would only have to worry about delivering a nice lesson once a week!

I got excited…then I realized I’d better stop…all in the course of a minute or two.

Then I thought of the scripture in Alma 29:1 …”Oh that I were an angel…”

“Oh that I were a gospel doctrine teacher…and got to study the scriptures and teach them once a week!”…and I went on…

29:3…”But behold I am a Relief Society President, and do sin in my wish: for I ought to be content with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me.”

So after that mental turmoil I called and listened to the message. He wanted the phone number for our car insurance company. Not a release after all.

So…keep plugging away. I look back to the promises in my patriaracle blessing that state the Lord knows where I can do the most good…and at the end of it all I will be satisfied at the opportunities that will come to me. So I hold on to that and move on.

Funny how the Lord works, whether he was granting me my "wish" or just giving me a heads up I feel that he is mindful of me and that feels pretty good. :)

But life has a way of filling in the holes when you think you're going to have some free time. One season ends but the new one has it's own set of challenges and opportunities.

Jeff and I were asked to play the leads in the road show, I'm still on the hook for this Saturday's Super Saturday event, I'm trying to get flyers out for the Little People of America Halloween party I'm helping with in conjunction with our Trunk or Treat...and of course I've got to study for my gospel doctrine lesson...

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

All I can say is, "Oh, Christine..." No wonder you haven't had time to call me back! Love you tons and enjoyed your comments about how unique we are that we each get the opportunity to serve for a time then someone else gets to take the lead. You were a fantastic RS president!