Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mystery Santa

I'm having to do a little catch up because I haven't had time to sit at the computer lately.

Last week we had our "Taste of the Holidays" at Mary Ann Bagley's house. Just to give you a taste of her decorating style. This was her dining room table...

Just exquisite! I wish I would've taken a more pictures of her decorations. Her tree looks like it was in a department store and the presents all match! I love seeing her house at Christmas time, it's beautiful.

Well anyway I was met in the kitchen by a mystery Santa.

"Who is it?" People asked me to guess. Well judging by her friends...

I guessed Margarita Pearson. I was right:) It was fun to have her come visit our party and see her again.

There was plenty of people who came and lots of yummy food to sample. I came home full, with a plate of goodies to share with my family and recipes for later.

Saturday was the Little People of America Christmas party.

Since it was raining we spent most of it inside. We came up with stamping cards (which ruined the stamp pads I brought but it kept the kids happy)

Then we had cookie decorating under the patio awning...

Then we had ornament making...

and of course some visits from Santa.

Ashley was sporting the "bed head", "wind blown" and "tousled" look all in one. Actually she just insisted in me not putting all her bangs back and she had them tucked behind her ear that is until 5 minutes after me combing her hair.

Here is Taylor giving his wish list.

Santa doesn't look too sure about having Taylor on his lap :) :)

And he doesn't even try with Jacob.

Waiting for the unwrapping to begin...

Our favorite part!

After our Christmas celebrations this week started out with some home repairs.

Figure A. "The back of our house" being held up by 3 posts that are rotting away because whoever built the room addition that it holds left the bare wood touching the dirt.

It's bugged me for awhile but Jeff wasn't as worried about it until he hung out in the backyard for awhile (cooking Turkey in the turkey fryer) and saw how scary it's starting to look.

Well Tim Williamson happened to be over helping to bring in all the toys for the Christmas families our ward is helping this year. My room now officially looks like a hoarder's next for the time being.

and saw our problem and proposed a way to fix it. Sure enough once he started working he shows me this post that actually was rotted all the way through!

It was only supposed to be holding up the corner of our bedroom!

Let's just say that I'm very glad that he's fixing this for us. I'll feel much better when it's done and I don't have vision of falling to the backyard in our sleep!


Mary ann said...

oh, thanks for saying all those nice things about the house, just years of after christmas sales and lots of hand me downs from my sister. I am glad you are fixing the house scary, good thing you and Jeff don't weigh much.

Costa Rica Baby! said... glad that is getting fixed. Whew! It looks scary even just seeing those little sticks holding your house up. That fact they are rotted through....crazy.

Nicolle said...

What a friend to help with that project...little scary! Just got your christmas card and I can't believe how big the kids are, especially Taylor officially now a teenager. Christine you are amazing!!! Much love to all!

Heather Anderson said...

Mary Ann's house does look amazing and I feel a little sad I missed it... in fact your whole post makes me miss you guys and the ward:( But looks like you are having a great December! I got your card too cute:) Didi COsta Rica Baby design it???

Christine said...

Of course she designed it! Very talented friend.